Tea Party Fail

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Tea Party Fail

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Just try to imagine Christ at a Tea Party rally, protesting tax dollars spent on the ill and the needy, and then signing up to join the Army the next day. The evangelicals have no idea which way is north. They don’t even have a coherent set of values left. They are just following orders.


    Ya… If you ever bothered to actually read the bill.. and your perfectly happy with granting the government the right to instate a national id card program, direct access to your finances, charge you upwards of $750 in fines if you don’t purchase health care… to name a few…. I’m not even a republican or conservative… yet its disturbing how many people including the current congress supported something they never read. I thought the liberal left was all about burning your id cards, freedom from the government, yet for some reason all you read and see on the news is how great it is… ya, I’m going to enjoy working for the next 40 years to pay off the largest single deficit spending spree in history… to put it in comparison, this bill will cost more and that all the money the US has spent since it was founded till 2008… but hey, its great cool-aid.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’m not a fan of the Health Care Bill in the form that it passed, but here the the CBO report:
    $1 trillion over ten years, less than $100 billion a year. That’s a lot, but not nearly “the largest deficit spending spree in history”. Hell, its barely a fraction of the cost of the wars in the middle east.


    It does sound fantastic on paper, but the problem is the CBO can be manipulated because they are a neutral agency and are only allowed to score a bill based on the assumptions given to them on face value from those who wrote it.

    The major problems with the health care bill come from what is defined as “revenue”. These major components stand out:

    1. $72.0 Billion from Federally backed disability insurance program (known as CLASS) where the premium paid into the program is counted as revenue even though it goes towards benefits that must be paid out to elderly and disabled. This is double accounting this type of assumption no where near being GAAP or Non-GAAP acceptable. There is also the assumption that health care costs won’t go up as well, which we all can guarantee isn’t likely. So, eventually we’ll have liabilities that outpace what revenue has been put into the program (just like Social Security), and since this is another entitlement program, it will have to be funded elsewhere (i.e. taxes).

    2. $53.0 billion from Social Security taxes collected on wages people will get in lieu of healthcare benefits (it’s assumed employers will be hiring more). But the big problem here is if you put money into Social Security, that will eventually be paid out through Social Security benefits and should not have been counted as revenue, but instead a future liability. These funds are not revenue. Most likely this will still be a deficit source down the road. Right now, social security is $43.0 trillion unfunded, and Medicare $57.0 trillion unfunded.

    3. $247.0 billion to pay for the so-called doctor’s fix (number from CBO), which easily wipes out the supposed deficit benefits of the first decade. Medicare reimbursement payments to doctors were supposed to come down 21% around the time this bill was going through Congress, but was put off indefinitely, in what most speculate was in order to gain the endorsement of the AMA. Although this resulted in $247 billion that the government was going to save by reducing the reimbursement payments, it was not added to this health care bill but is an actual cost through unrealized savings not budgeted that is directly related to the passing of this bill.

    4. $38 Billion in Medicare prescription drug subsidies also not counted in this bill.

    5. $71.0 billion in appropriations to run the system which will become a government behemoth that includes the hiring of 16,500 new IRS agents.

    Lost Jobs & Other Flawed Assumptions:

    1. $19.4 Billion ending subsidies to lenders involved in the Student Loan program, resulting in a loss of 35,000 jobs.

    2. $500.0 billion is saved over ten years by cutting out waste, fraud, and abuse which is something nobody believes will happen. On the contrary, adding 32,000,000 more people to the system will actually increase fraud, waste, and abuse.

    I’m all for Universal Healthcare, but now’s not the time and this is definitely not the way to get it done. Focus on the economy first. When businesses are thriving, people are working and the economy is doing well, then we can take aim on these types of problems. Frankly, I’d rather have a job first, then healthcare, but I defnitely don’t speak for everyone.

    Also, economically, this simply does not add up. From the sketchy revenue sources to the overall loss in jobs and depressed wages that will result from this, we really should be focusing on creating jobs so we can get our balance sheets back in the black. If we go this route, we can tackle programs with the surplus that we could use that actual revenue from, rather than passing something with the major components kicking in the year 2014, but with immediate significant tax implications now.

    Instead, this does not bode well for the entire working class and those companies that employ them. Everyone has somehow been affected by the recession. Personally I have many friends that have ben laid off. This bill does very little to help improve their prospects since it doesn’t give businesses much incentive to hire because of the costs they will now have incur:

    * AT&T estimates $1 billion in costs due to this bill
    * Catepillar estimates $100 million in first year costs due to this bill
    * Deere: $150 million in costs
    * 3M: $90 million in costs
    * Verizon: $46.8 Milion
    * According to Credit Suisse, the new healthcare law will result in a $4.5 billion impact to S&P 500 Companies in the first quarter of this year alone

    As a result of these additional costs, these companies will either raise prices or be laying more of their employees off. Also, many small businesses will have little incentives to growing their businesses past 50 employees because this bill requires them to offer health insurance when this employee threshold is met.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    So where did you copy and paste that from? Because I KNOW that you didn’t just type that off the top of your head. Big numbers are meaningless without sources.


    I’m an Economist & can pull a good deal of info off the top of my head…but for you, here are most of my sources:

    * $72 Billion for CLASS Act (Source: Philadelphia Inquirer): www.philly.com/inquirer/currents/86738692.html

    * $53 Billion from Social Security Taxes (Source: Wall Street Journal): online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703580904575132010839581020.html?mod=WSJ_latestheadlines

    * Medicare “Doctor’s Fix” Delay (source: American Medical News): www.ama-assn.org/amednews/2010/04/05/gvl20405.htm

    * $19.4 Billion Saving Ending Subsidies to Student Loan Program (source: CBO Report, Table 5, Title 2, Subtitle A – Education [page 23]): cbo.gov/ftpdocs/113xx/doc11355/hr4872.pdf

    * $500 billion in savings from reducing waste, fraud & abuse (source: Department of Health & Human Services, Richard S. Foster – Chief Actuary, Page 23, Table 1 – Medicare): www.cms.hhs.gov/ActuarialStudies/Downloads/S_PPACA_2010-01-08.pdf

    * Impact on Corporate Costs (source: CNN Money): money.cnn.com/2010/03/31/news/economy/health_care_reform_corporate_finances/

    * Credit Suisse Report on $4.5 Billion Impact on S&P (Source: Credit Suisse via Compliance Week): www.complianceweek.com/blog/whitehouse/2010/03/30/credit-suisse-predicts-45b-in-q1-charges-for-health-bill/


    A public option would have been good, but I favor a single payer system. We’ve already got the set up in place.


    yeah… I guess you’re right

    plotting to murder a group of police officers all in the name of
    ‘the tea party’ is totally what people should do if they don’t like a bill.
    Join the Tea Party, become an All American Terrorist


    These Christina militia weren’t associated with teabaggers. They’ve been planning and been watched by the feds way before Obama considered running for office. Teabaggers are cowards and hypocrites, the hutaree people are gun toting crazies that don’t even care about politics.

    tiki god

    sounds like you haven’t read it either. it does not provide for RealID, nor does it charge upwards of $750 in fines. It provides AT MOST 2% fine, and will normally be somewhere in the neighborhood of $100. Even then, it’s just tacked onto your taxes, just like medicare and social security, and it’s not like you’re not getting something out of this. Either you have health care, and nothing new happens to you, or you don’t have health care, and you now have an option of not having $40,000 bills when/if you get bit by a snake.

    also, this is a purported to be a debt free system that they just put in place that will be either paying for itself, or will profit. The profit idea is bad to me though, because social security was a nice profitable enterprise and was doing just fine until some politicians decided that they were going to raid that trust fund.

    why don’t you just say that dey took r jerbs, and want to take r gunz.


    well 1.5 – 2.0% of a working family making 50k can be between 750 to 1000 if not currently ensured, or elect not to insure. For many of the people around me that work in the machine shops with little or no coverage. They are about to get reamed.


    Eh, the Real ID stuff was coming sooner or later anyways. That’s been looming since 2003. National security isn’t an issue that’s going away, so I kind of expected that.

    There’s already a shitload of things you and I pay for the privilege to do (or not do, such as NOT be insured as this bill outlines).


    Obama is a centerist-corporatist. How people get off calling him a socialist is beyond me. Our political window is a little too far to the right, I guess.

    Anyway, I would have loved to have seen the public option pass. Unfortunately, Sara Palin’s speeches about Obama killing your grandmother and other stupid shit knocked that out of the bill. Now we got this… and it’s kinda ‘meh’.

    tiki god

    it’s coming, and quickly, the medicare buy in amendment is still alive and kicking: www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/10/grayson-offers-medicare-b_n_492831.html


    Grayson is one of my two current political bestest people evar, along w/ Wiener.


    What’s really pathetic is that these people are basically afraid of stuff that’s not in the bill… but they’ve been told it IS in the bill, and they believe everything they’re told as long as it’s being told by Fox or Rush. And when someone presents them contrary evidence, no matter how well sourced, they just get angrier and more convinced of their existing beliefs.

    Useful idiots.

    madhouses visites

    Is this fail because the bill passed? Or am I missing something?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Its “fail” because they disagree with them.

    *rolls eyes*

    Some day the tykes on here will learn that your political allegiance is moot. No matter who you vote for you will always be unhappy with the results.

    Even Jesus Obama can’t seem to make you happy.

    Learn the hard way and enjoy the pats you give yourself on the back but eventually you’ll find out you’d have been better off staying ;immature’ and enjoying your life.


    yay me!

    I love being young, immature, and uninvolved politically cept for what I read on here


    I’ve wondered if Kennedy had not been assassinated, would he still have been so popular?

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