Updated room picture

room.JPG (485 KB)

So I noticed that my room looked pretty crappy before.

Well my dad and I are constantly doing work to the house to fix it up.

We painted my room so it looks a LOT better now.

Also wired a telephone line next to the wall outlet instead of running a wire over the door and what not.

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    i bet you didnt even wash those dirty ass walls before you painted them


    It’s only a matter of time before he puts his address here,
    then we can kill him or just beat some sense into him.


    OMG wat a loser. Living w your parents? WTF? He must be , wat? 25??


    OMG this picture was taken in the future!!!


    Single Monitor = Fail


    welcome to TEH FEWCHAH
    also, is that table some kind of hospital equipment?


    So I guess you positioned your PC in the perfect location for your father to walk in on you while you’re whacking off to tranny porn?


    How old are you man? I need to know to sufficiently either make fun of you or to leave you alone.


    Feel free to make fun of him. No matter how old, one should not be so shallow and…silly. He’s around 21ish.


    if we’re posting pics of our desks then here
    thought it would make things a bit more interesting other than just flaming.
    Also you left the side of your case off your computer.. overheating?


    So it’s not completely off topic i did DIY for my desk, piece of kitchen topping, couple of blocks of wood, some metal poles and some screws and hey presto, nice big desk 🙂


    Do you even have a mom? Because you never mention her. It might explain a few things.


    I’m not new, I just tend to avoid the threads that involve you. I enjoyed the site a lot more during the too short time you were booted off. Sorry about your mom, but you were old enough that her absence can’t explain why you have such fucked up attitudes about women. And blacks, children, Mexicans, and your own little self. I’m sure you hate other groups too, but I haven’t studied you too closely because you make me queasy.


    oh casemods, you make me want to read the comments