China is getting Ready for the Olympics

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    see this is the problem with our country. we care to much about other people. to many bleeding hearts for oppressed chinks and aids riddled niggers. WHY SHOULD WE GIVE A FUCK.


    ^^^ I must say — thats about the most racist post I’ve ever seen here…


    ^who gives a fuck. go cry about it.

    bright green

    Lolololololololololol! I slightly give a fuck.


    Calm down there mastershit. This ad is for Amnesty Int in Slovakia, not the US. I’m sure our China ad would encourage us to buy more Walmart goods.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The bar has been raised! I can beat that…I need my thinking hood. Though I must say I’m pretty sure he got AIDS riddled niggers from me. Riddled is how I always describe them. If only we could pit one against the other. This reminds me of the movie The Last Supper. A bunch of uppity left winger grad students exercise their right to free speech by inviting people with opinions they disagree with (such as racists) and then kill them. It’s a perfect visual metaphor for the current consciousness of the free world. We’re all free! Unless we disagree.… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted


    This is actually a reasonable (if inarticulate) question.
    My answer: if we make it loud and clear that we are pissed off about other governments oppressing other people, then that should send the message to our own governments that we will absolutely not tolerate any of that bullshit being done to us.
    That’s the theory anyway.
    In actuality, we have shown that we don’t care about other governments and other people as long as we get cheap toys. As a consequence, our own governments are becoming more and more totalitarian.

    bright green

    @ reboot

    I passsed out earlier , reading that made my headache worse. Cheers.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Looking at the ad with serious glasses on it does make sense. We buy cheap labour from them and pad their pockets. That’s what they respond to. The Olympics is all about tourist and ad $$$ so boycotting them when they’re in Bejing will get their attention and things might actually change. But then the labour will cost more. Which means we’ll buy from them less. Now we just have to do that with every other source of cheap labour in every third world shithole and hope that when the Chinese economy encounters the inevitable correction that comes with every… Read more »


    “Besides last I checked mainland China is experiencing a booming economic surge so STFU and start giving some of this charity back our way. No? Wow…what a surprise.”

    Excellent point.


    Though we did just borrow billions of dollars from them to ‘jumpstart’ the economy, so really…we’re indebted to them already.


    Where ever Magus posts, an epic argument shall arise.


    Horry Kow,
    Does anyone rearry think boycotting the Orympics wirr have the desired reasurt?


    but im behind reboot here


    I find it interesting that the pistol the guy has is a target pistol, like what is used in olympic pistol shooting.

    The pistol looks like a Pardini SP


    I’m thinking you’re all misunderstanding this ad. This is a new olympic sport – like a biathalon without skiing and with human targets.


    Look at the list again: political activists, journalists, lawyers, and human rights workers. Well, I have no problem with the first three. They’re a pimple on the behind of humanity, with the rare odd exception. Why can’t we get rid of them here, too?1?


    Since the olympics are being held in a third world country, wouldn’t it be proper to include some third world country sports? Shooting people in the head while holding them prisoner for their thoughts is one of my personal favorite sports.


    I really don’t think China is a third world country anymore….


    @ NoOne

    I know you’re joking, but those first three are what help keep us a free and democratic society. Without them, we would fall to whatever tyrannical power came first.


    He’s been convicted of thought crimes against the Eternally Glorious Mao.


    you forgot to say in a make believe fantasy world were people wouldn’t be corrupted.


    @ OmfgWtfZergd,

    Communist countries were usually labelled “Second World”. Until they started falling out with the Russians.


    Roffle @mastershake..

    I presume you’re talking about America, whose problem, you say, is that it ‘cares too much’. You adorable folk are up there with the carebears, I’m sure 😛

    Also, you’re a dumb motherfucker.


    mastershake i vote you for president you are on the right track fuck all other countries and go back to how America should be slaves ftw!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    re: third world status. Anywhere without any labour laws is third world IMO.

    Quit paying people 30 cents a months, China.

    Also they kill dogs. Some fear over rabies so they had a government sanctioned dog killing spree. People lined up to hang their dogs in exchange for a few cents.

    So fuck China and the Chinese. They don’t have souls.

    re: the debt. America actually owes more money to Japan. China’s in more debt than America. So fuck them again.


    ONE cheap bullet. ONE less dope dealer, rapist, child molester, crooked politician. Over in seconds. Not 20 years of free food, clothes, medical care and housing. The Chinese could also save American taxpayers 100s of Million$ in trial and lawyer fees besides emptying our prisons. Give them the contract.