elect a madman – you get madness

elect a madman - you get madness

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    … madness …?




    god i love some robot chicken


    ^^^^^^ That is EPIC AWESOME.
    Robot chicken is hilarious.


    www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/07/15/obama.iraq/index. html (CNN) — Sen. Barack Obama on Tuesday called the war in Iraq a “dangerous distraction,” and said more emphasis must be placed on the battle in Afghanistan. Obama said part of his new strategy will be “taking the fight to al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” Pointing to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s recent call for a timetable, Obama said “now is the time for a responsible redeployment of our combat troops that pushes Iraq’s leaders toward a political solution, rebuilds our military, and refocuses on Afghanistan and our broader security interests.” Obama said he planned to remove combat… Read more »


    …and if Obama had been in office when 9-11 happened he would have done pretty much what Bush has done. To everyone who thinks Bush is this horrible madman of a person why dont you try running for president and see if you can do a better job. Oh and as far as fighting in a foreign land, I would rather be killing backward intolerant radical rag head Muslims in their land than in mine. At least I know my loved ones can sleep safe at night and not have to worry about being dragged out into the street at… Read more »


    ghillie, BushCo. LTD is full of shit and fail



    ghillie, I appreciate the work that our armed forces are doing, but I have news for you. The fact that we have 200,000 troops overseas is not the reason why there’s no boat full of jihadists with AK’s landing in California.


    Does a1 really think that if a1 else had been President on 9/11 that we would still have gone to war in Iraq?


    suicydking, thank you and you are correct. The troops overseas are not the only reason the jihadists are not invading; there are many other groups of people working to keep those dirtbags out.


    you do realize that women in iraq are more likely to be pulled out in the street and shot by kook fundamentalists now than before we invaded. use your magic powers of google and see for yourself.


    chris_hates_freedom I dont need to use any of my magic powers to know that that sort of thing happends cause I have seen it first hand…and been able to put a couple of bullets into the wacked out fundamentalist.

    Though you should know that these sorts of things were happing in Iraq before we invaded. They were being perpetrated by Saddams special police. There are lots of documents that have been found that prove this.

    Thats an interesting handle and website you have. I may have to spend some time reading your stuff.


    @ghillie but magic powers are so much fun! I’m indeed aware killings were happening before under saddam and his jolly crew, but (correct me if I’m wrong, because you do sound like you’re not talking out of your ass) those were of the “I’m a batshit crazy tyrant killing all perceived threats” variety, versus the “lets make a theocracy and pretend the last 500 years of human progress never happened” variety. I’m not saying that Iraq is a total failure on every single metric, but I’m pretty sure that women’s rights is one aspect that most people can agree took… Read more »