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Meh, semantics.


that Atlantic apologist’s article is pure BS: If a white male Republican did what AOC did in front of that crowd, you’d be demanding that his racist ass be put in jail.

tiki god

what the fuck? this happens all the time when white folk go back home and get more of a country twang than when they’re in their DC office. she just reverted from Queen’s English to the Bronx dialect that she’s had since birth.


Yawn. AOC didn’t grow up with a Bronx accent… she spent almost all of her pre-college years in Westchester County, a 40 minute drive from the Bronx. At least Hillary got properly called out when she pulled the same stunt with African American audiences way back when.


Her parents were from the Bronx. She did live at home with them, didn’t she….?
I had a friend growing up who had Flemish Belgian parents. He grew up in Canada, didn’t even speak Flemish at home, but he still had a bit of a Flemish accent.
Lot’s of folks have their parent’s accent.


This woman’s very existence has right wingers crying.