Liberate Marijuana

Liberate Marijuana

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    Singers smoke it, and players of instrument too,
    legalize it, ya-a ya-a, its teh best thing you can do.


    His decision, in a land of prohibition,
    You can mass debate, waste your breath on a solution,
    So realise: illegal or legit,
    The whole world’s still gonna take a hit.


    Ironic how those who decry government intervention the most are often the ones who are the most anti-legalization.

    “Get the government out of our lives (and into your lives where it belongs)!”


    “When they legalize dis shit, I tink I’ll buy a farm!!”


    Oh it’s my beautiful lady friend


    If its legalized, it will turn to shit. Regulations and corporations will take over, and your pot will be fucking awful. So the solution: quit smoking now, because the future is shit.


    Which side tends to call for the legalization of weed…Dems or Reps? I honestly don’t know and on one hand, the Dems use more government (right?), but the Reps are more religious and intolerant of stuff (right?).

    Educate me if you please.

    I’m pro-legalization, fwiw.


    @jascas_: Democrats of course. Although fine men like Ron Paul also recognised the importance of legalising it. Even if only a little bit. I don’t think democrats are particularly interested in legalising it, but definitely more than republicans.


    Im pro-legalization of cannabis, and not a user at all. I think using any drug is ridiculous, but its a personal choice. However, I do believe any crime committed under the influence, no matter how trace, should be punished with utmost severity. If we stopped arresting for POSSESSION, we would actually have the prison space to punish serious ABUSERS.

    On the other hand, Crack is Whack


    @RSIxidor: I agree in a sense. But weed would be automatically less good if legalised, simply because it’s legal. Way more fun to do illegal things.


    RSIxidor, you aren’t putting up any real argument here. Where’s your reasoning? Alcohol was prohibited and then returned and you can hardly say it’s turned to shit.



    Bud light. That is all.


    & dieAntagonista
    I believe you are mistaken, buds are best grown in a loving home with pride. Ending prohibition will simply end the era of the gestapo having a pass to bash your door in for excercising your 1st amendment rights.
    Additionally, if it becomes commercially available, competition in the market should encourage an improvement in safety, quality, and variety.
    Also, we could really use the tax revenue.


    @24601: I see your Bud light and raise you Blue Moon and a Bottle of Grey Goose and Bacardi 151. If it does get legalized and regulated in the same manner as alcohol it will propably have a cap put on it to control the THC percentage. Average headie strains have anywhere from 15(think durban poison)-27(think of beautifully grown White Widow or Willie Nelson) % thc content. However you can take the plant and make into more potent products like Honey Oil or Hash. That is where the government might run into issues with regulation. Plus what drug company wants… Read more »


    @zilch: Sounds a little too dreamy for me. Do you really think that’s realistic? Or that it is ever going to happen, cause I doubt it. And that’s just my opinion, but for example I don’t like cigarettes, and alcohol isn’t that exciting either. If weed gets legalised, what forbidden pleasures remain, yo. And heroin and all that other nonsense don’t count – I don’t wanna die, just do things I’m not supposed to do.


    Wow after rereading what I just wrote, I sound like a little naive child. I’m just being honest though.


    @theeris: “buy a farm” reason why its not legal … LOL


    @dieAntagonista: hahahaha

    well in holland its simple its legalized but some rules… not allowed to smoke on the streets (2nd hand smoking etc.) and in some places you cannot grow you own


    and must i say crime has dropped .. due to legalization


    Weed has only been illegal some 70 years.

    It’s actually better to decriminalize it than legalize it. If it’s legalized, businesses would buy and control all the farms, making it expensive and corporate.

    Just see:

    If it’s decriminalized it be just like the small time enterprise like it is now, and it would severely help our legal system and police spending.


    @MonkeyHitman: Oh really? Yes I could imagine that to be useful. Instead of having such a high percentage of the population in jail just for owning a bit of weed, which is ridiculous.
    Well if they are going to legalise it I’m not gonna protest or any thing.
    Just saying that I enjoy it a little more, knowing that there are people who think it’s immoral or whatever.


    Weed practically *Prevents* crime. You just get too lazy, and you forget the big heist you were planning and play contra instead.
    Why do you think Canada has such a low crime rate?

    btw: up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a,start.


    If they legalized it I would probably go to work blazed every day.


    Thanks for the info, dieAntagonista – my first guess was right.

    I’m also not a user (actually never smoked anything in my life – legal or otherwise), but I find it difficult to see how making something like weed legal is going to be the downfall of our country. You drink too much & drive, you go 114 mph on busy freeways and kill people – you smoke too much weed and drive and you go 8 mpg in circles in an empty parking lot laughing your ass off until you fall asleep.


    jascas wins


    Uhuh, aw yeah.

    Brevity Truta

    Smuggle it out of prison in a batch of cookies?



    I actually agree with all of this, I was taking one of my often failed attempts at sarcastic (facetious?) humor.


    Just legalize it, people will smoke it no matter what.


    Tags? Tiki- isn’t this your site? what about a 420 tag?


    Pot smells better than tobacco.