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None can love as much as Amputee Baby

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    He seems real happy. He has learned to endure life. What a strong guy. What a heart. What a load of shit, bahahaha, stupid parents can’t make their babies right.

    bakert very poor taste. But lord forgive me, I laughed.


    At least he can’t put his finger in the electrical outlet.


    Just found out that my son will be born without arms. No idea why yet. We’ve done all kinds of genetic testing and I don’t smoke and never did drugs. This little guy made my day because he looks so happy. I read what the first jackass wrote and laughed. Dreth, My son will deal with fucktards like you everyday, laugh in your under-educated face, and he’ll be wearing a shirt that says “Look Mom, No Hands!” while doing it. As to mrpsychic, you are so right and I said that same thing!



    You want to make your shitty kid’s disability a joke from the get-go so that by the time he reaches double-digits, it’d be tired, worn-out and basically ineffective. THAT’s a responsible mom!

    Or you could… like, y’know, abort the freak.


    When the time is right, you’ll be able to get him prosthetics that will actually be able to respond to electrical impulses it gets via the nervous system.
    And check this out:
    Then there is the ability to
    There’s more, just go to youtube and look up robotic prosthetic limbs. By the time your son is an adult, they’ll probably have stuff that looks like and works better then our limbs.


    And THEN he’ll be able to stick his fingers in the socket!

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