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    Biden: Change nothing.

    Btw… It was Obama who made Bush’s tax cuts for the super-rich permanent, and Trump couldn’t have passed any of his legislation without Pelosi’s help.

    These aren’t two different sides.

    Old Tofu

    biden: cancel every executive order trump made LOL


    Biden: Use the DOJ to defend Trump


    I’ll bet you $50 right now he doesn’t reverse the tax cuts for the super-rich – the largest upward of transfer of wealth in human history – that Pelosi put a nice spit-shine on.

    Any takers?


    Kind of weird to skip over Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter. Yeah, there’s some weird succession stuff going on there because of Kennedy’s death and Nixon’s resignation but I still don’t understand the skip. So why start with Kennedy? I think you could still make the same point with just starting with Reagan.

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