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Support Pratebay

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    I support them!

    …by not paying a dime and taking whatever I want for free. Any actual effort requested on my part will be responded with by a, “Meh.”

    Luke Magnifico

    I don’t think Liam understands.


    Argh Matey!! I don’t be thinkin’ I do:


    Prate-bay huh? vghy-my face hittin the keyboard.


    Yeah, Liam, it’s not those pirates.


    pirate bay is awesome.. many awesome downloads hath been procrued by the use of pirate bay :p


    About 85 percent of what`s on my hard drives comes from Pirate Bay`s torrents.It`s the best thing on the internet!


    I’m closer to 95%+ on mine.

    Luke Magnifico

    I think I have a Led Zep album I borrow off a friend, and a couple of games, but I’d say about 90 gb of 91.2 used up on my HD is torrented. Or Limewire, but that’s neither here nor there.

    And that’s not even wandering over to my external drive.

    No porn, though. I don’t see the point in downloading porn.


    The Pirate Bay 4 LIFE


    If intellectual property rights, copyrights, and patent rights were anywhere near fair I would support the rights of the originators / owners.

    But “intellectual property” is only a twisted game and there is no fairness or even common sense in the system anymore.

    So I raise my middle finger to the lawyers who play this sick game and pirate whatever I can, even if it hurts the “owners” of the material.

    Fuck the system.


    Am I the only one that has torrents blocked by ISP?

    Fuck you people.


    What ISP are you using and what country are you in? In the US and Canada there are rules against the ISPs blocking torrents or make a distinction between different “types” of internet usage and quantity.


    Wow, that was bad sentence structure. You get my pint though.


    I live in Puerto Rico, and whilst I think all US laws apply to us, few people that I know have noticed blocked connections in BT clients.

    Oh, ISP is Liberty Cablevision.


    You might want to ask someone in-the-know about that. I know Comcast (my ISP) has gotten into trouble (as well as sued by MS) for attempting to block or restrict torrents.


    HAHAHAHA Everyone board the FAILBOAT!


    I’m this ” ” close to getting the logo tattooed on me somewhere. I might put it on my hip or but above or bellow my “Digital Pirate” tattoo I don’t have yet (*cries*)