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America has no gun problem.

I feel much better now…


Can’t you just feel the yolk of government control slipping from your neck? It’s going to be a good day.


I rather like that the government has some measure of control over stupid folks that actually think a gun is a defensive weapon…


I can only imagine the level of privilege you must come from to make a statement like that.


“Weapon: something (such as a gun, knife, club, or bomb) that is used for fighting or attacking someone or for defending yourself when someone is attacking you”

What’s the weather like on your planet?


What non-lateral language skills you possess.

A gun doesn’t stop a bullet silly.
But if you’ve got one in your hand, it practically mandates a thief to shoot you first…

Encounters with armed thieves generally don’t end well, but statistically they end much worse if the victim is armed…for the victim that is.

Guns do not ensure safety….far from it.
Homes with guns are much more dangerous to live in than homes without.


Sorry I am not as adroit at mental gymnastics as you seem to be. You said guns weren’t defensive, I posted the definition of a weapon which uses a gun as an example and clearly states defensive use. Seems pretty clear who is coming up short in the language skills department. I never said a gun would stop a bullet. A gun can be used to deter or stop attacks; the best way to stop a bullet is to ensure it was never fired at you. Does owning all this nice stuff also mandate they rob me too? Where do… Read more »


I watched the video. He discussed robberies when people were at home vs not at home He didn’t discus being armed while being robbed. As for deterring attacks….? As a victim being armed during a robbery significantly increases your chances of dying. Homes with firearms are more likely to be robbed (firearms are a high ticket crime item). And homes with firearms have a significantly higher accidental death rate than those without (entirely attributable to firearms). The state legislates all kinds of reckless behavior…why do you feel gun ownership deserves a pass? And as for your second amendment…it does say… Read more »


Lets be clear, firearm ownership in America is not a problem. Crowder does an excellent job illustrating the dishonest way some political organizations are trying to scare people for their own political means. In the UK(unarmed) homes are robbed more frequently when the residents are home than in the US(armed). He also points out that a “hot” burglary will likely include violence against the homeowner. If someone is armed they have less chance of being victimized in the first place, not to mention surviving the robbery. You are right, being armed can turn the robbery into an armed conflict but… Read more »


Ever had an unblinking, bulge-eyed little dog, completely bereft of logic, reason or restraint, cleave to one ankle and dementedly begin humping? Try to rid yourself now of that image while reasoning with gropegrope.


Hilarious visual.

I think William Buckley summed it up nicely when he said “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

If someone was a victim of gun violence or lost a family member I could understand them being a little less than rational when viewing guns and gun control, and would likely give them a pass and change the subject if it were brought up. We can’t allow irrational views to shape the laws of the land.


You guys having fun with your little mutual admiration circle jerk….?

Decided America doesn’t have a gun problem between yourselves…?

OK…No worries then…


Well, for lack of any logical argument on your side of the issue I think that is the conclusion most reasonable people will reach.

Your homophobic comment has been noted and will be filed in your permanent record.


So didn’t look up those studies about increased mortalities in gun owning homes then….?

If you aren’t interested in facts, then you should conclude, by all means…


You made the assertion you prove it.

It is not up to me to prove a negative.


Multiple studies.
Google and you’ll find dozens.

Of course, you might have to visit some sights that aren’t Fox/Conservative/NRA…

Try epidemiology journals, public safety reports, pediatric and emergency medicine journals…for a start.

Hope that helps….


Now you are asking me to prove your assertions for you.
This is the kind of intellectual lethargy that allowed you to believe that pap in the first place.

If you want to crusade against something more meaningful you could start a modern temperance movement.


I’ve grown tired of meeting your furious leg humping gaze. Have a nice life and try to do a little more thinking for yourself in the future.


You can’t do a very simple Google search and read a few peer reviewed articles that have been cited by just about every researcher in the field?

Do you need you need someone to wiggle it when you’re done too….?

I can’t really make it any easier for you to be informed.
And I can’t really have an intelligent conversation with someone with someone who refuses to become informed.

I guess we are done.

I tried….