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    I feel bad for the guy who thought it was a good idea to draw Obama as the GOP tried to make him look instead of drawing out a representation of how McCain is a hypocrite for saying it in the first place.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Barack Obama says the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE every time he sees an American flag. He also ends every sentence by saying, “WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.” Click here for video of Obama quietly mouthing the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE in his sleep. A tape exists of Michelle Obama saying the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE at a conference on PATRIOTISM. Every weekend, Barack and Michelle take their daughters HUNTING. Barack Obama is a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN. He has one HAND over his HEART at all times. He occasionally switches when one arm gets tired, which is almost never because he is STRONG. Barack… Read more »


    I dont get American smear campaigns. They just spread the idea that America is full of nothing but fucking morons and over patriotic 4 year olds.


    this clearly calls for a jihad


    I’m sure no one will believe me, so I don’t know why even I’m posting this, but: I fucked her. It was almost exactly a year ago. I was visiting a friend who goes to law school at UCLA. We went out to a salsa club (which is one of the few non-nerdy I do well). After dancing a bit, she told me her name and there was a pause, like I should be impressed, and she said, “you know, from the July New Yorker cover & my husband is running for PRESIDENT OF THE FUCKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?”.… Read more »


    Is that real? I’m too lazy to look it up.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Yes, that was a real cover on the New Yorker.


    Ok actually I looked it up and yup it’s legit.

    That’s pretty weird. New Yorker has the reputation of being pretty lefty. But maybe not every time I’ve tried to read the issue its either some society-page like ‘vignette’ section or some embarrassing english-major type short story.




    Where to begin?
    How about we do it in order.

    reboot, that was tits.

    DwnSyndromeIsGangsta, I’ve never seen you on here before, but thanks for keeping my unintentional meme alive. I’m sure reboot appreciates it too. If only I had known what effect my simple copy pasta would have on the boards here…

    Caio, the New Yorker is lefty as ever, that illustration is a parody of what Obama’s opponents are saying, not of Obama himself.

    Thanks, tip your waitress and try the fish.


    I remember reading that this was drawn by a Canadian.


    I shall submit complaint in the form of a symbol-laden short story about what I imagine an plighted and downtrodden rural midwesterner sounds like.


    Caio, isn’t that called country music?


    @ DwnSyndromeIsGangsta : I’ve seen this “meme” twice now (summer vacation, no computer) and even I can tell that YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. Moron. GTFO.