Joe Biden Endorses Trump


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    I’m gonna goa out on a limb and say this is a cherry picked data point.

    You know, because no-one in the Western world (with maybe the exception of Sweden) has the death rate the US has….


    There is no lie out of bounds fro Trumpers at this point.

    The King of Nothing

    Did she say that early during the pandemic when most information was uncertain and doctors were trying to make predictions based on what little information they had? (I’m well aware it says March, the point it to look at the meme with critical thinking) Did she say there would be 200,000 deaths by October or was she talking about by the end of the pandemic which is still expected to be well into 2021? Was she saying that about the US, North America, the planet? Did she make that statement after seeing how little this administration cared about taking this seriously and she was saying 200,000 would be the best case scenario with the current situation? There is really a lot of context that can change exactly what she was trying to say and this could be misleading to make it look like Drumpf has even the slightest clue or care for people’s lives. He is still holding cult gatherings and not requiring masks or social distancing. Nobody anywhere has done everything perfect, but it genuinely hard to find anybody that has screwed it up this badly.


    Very nice dissection.


    So… Trump supporters live in a fact-proof bubble. Brix made that statement well after the Trump Maladministration had fscked up the COVID-19 response well beyond fixing. *IF* we’d done everything perfectly from there, we’d have been looking at 200K. Now, at 230K deaths, we’re looking, just from existing cases, at another nearly 200K deaths, IF WE GET NO MORE INFECTIONS from today.

    Fsck Trump. Fsck that idiots who vote for him.


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