Political World Map

Political World Map

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    WE need a single federal global government, with each nation maintaining powers similar to the
    states in America.

    We would save so much money from the military that could be used for more important things, like ensuring the basic needs of every human being.


    Okay, this isn’t like “This color is a political party” is it? Because I didn’t think Canada and China were the same . . .


    And while we are at it, we can have our bank accounts and SSNs implanted as microchips on our foreheads.


    first of all, ‘political’ when used with the word ‘map’ just means the map shows things like borders and cities and shit. it has nothing to do with politics secondly, that is fucking retarded, TGG the military has nothing to do with most of the basic needs of the human creature and America was based on the idea of a small de-centralized federal government that let the local people decide how their lives should be governed, not a global monster that took care of their needs and gave them a bunch of rules THE MORE LAWS YOU HAVE, THE LESS… Read more »


    It would have been better had they included a key to what the colours mean. I don’t really see Canada and China on the same page usually. Or the US and Mongolia.




    Um, political maps just have colours so you can quickly visually distinguish between countries. Do you notice how no two countries with the same colour are next to each other?

    My God I can’t believe there are people who have not seen a political map of the world. How could you be that stupid? I mean they had them at my elementary.


    is the word map like a dictionary?


    What about Greenland and Canada, or the Falklands and Argentina, Eritrea and Sudan, Libya and Sudan, Turkey and Greece?

    This is a crappy map Caio, I have no idea why they put a copywrite on it, give a blank world map to schoolchildren and they can colour it in as well.


    They’re using 5 colors when only 4 are needed for any kind of map and they still didn’t get it right.