Sarah Palin Pregnency Decision Map

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    Ad hominem.


    It was all ruined by the misspelling in the end of the chart… 🙁


    Ok, let’s skip over the ad hominem attacks and point out that Palin is a creationist who thinks Global Warming is a conspiracy.

    I think the choice of Palin was the best thing to happen in this election. Not only does it look like pandering, but it will thoroughly alienate moderate Americans who live in swing states. Swing states have virtually 0 support for creationism, and fuck even Bush is moderate enough to give lip service to Global Warming.

    I think I’m going to sell President Obama some flowers, because he’s won this thing.


    *sell = send


    What exactly is a galdiator?


    Man even i stop trolling after i leave work… jesus.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Ad hominem.”
    Don’t try and use smart words, it only makes you look worse. If someone makes crazy decisions in their personal life, it raises legitimate questions about whether they are fit to government.


    While I am not in support of Palin… this is a stupid thing to attack her on. The woman has given birth to a LITTER of children and made the choice to have her baby where she wanted it. Her water breaking where there was only a slight leak is not something to worry about if one has the option to get into the hospital that’s part of the “birth plan”.

    It’s the sexist and arbitrary attacks on Palin for things specific to her being a woman that are going to make women (even those who don’t agree with) rally for her. I’ve already seen it on some of the pro-Clinton forums. Women who are disgusted by Palin’s beliefs are speaking up for her on subjects such as this.


    Your savior, Obama is a creationist too. There’s no way in hell an atheist could ever be president. Not right now anyway. People are still too attached to their imaginary friends to vote for the immoral, baby-eating atheists.


    1) There is a difference between religious and creationist. For example Pope John Paul II was a famous supporter of the theory of evolution.

    2) Obama, to my knowledge and Google abilities, does not support teaching creationism in school.


    Correction: Obama believes in evolution, and doesn’t want religious doctrine taught in schools:


    Not every religious person is a crazy fucking fundamentalist like Palin.


    Not necessarily. It is only an Ad Hominem attack if it is unrelated to the argument or factual claim at hand.

    From my perspective however, her actions in this scenario would still certainly call her priorities (as well as common sense) into question. Getting medical care, if not for herself, but for the babys’ sake, should have been her first priority.

    Why it wasn’t, I don’t know, but I’d consider that a question I’d really like to have an answer for before I’d vote her into office as a VP…

    Werd. Phail chart is phail.


    Geeze… I shoulda known this was going to turn into a political $h1t$t0rm… in under 10 posts… never mind me folks, carry on…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I agree. I think the choice of Palin will win the election for McCain. He only needs to bring in a few percent of the former Clinton supporters to tip the scales, plus it shores up his core constituency of trailer trash.


    Exasberate, I just realized something: for you to not understand the difference between ‘religious’ and ‘creationist’ you must be like 12-years-old.

    Man, I wish either that parents would be more responsible about monitoring their children on the internet, or else the mods would get more serious about underage b&s.


    i want a vagina of a gladiator!

    tiki god

    are you out of your fucking mind? last I checked, the GOP has a 30% approval rating, the president has a 26% approval rating, and McCain can’t remember how many homes he lives in, had only met his VP choice ONCE before giving it to her, can’t remember where we’re currently at work at and with, and is really just an all around fuck up.

    if he wins this election then it’s been rigged and there will be trouble in the streets. which is where I’m from, cause I’m hardcore like that.


    Oh noes!

    Asked by the Anchorage Daily News whether she believed in evolution, Palin declined to answer, but said that “I don’t think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class.”

    “I’m not going to pretend I know how all this came to be,” she said.


    um. i’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to fly when you’re further along than the second trimester. actually being IN labor? yeah.


    Tiki God,

    I counter your argument and claim that the Democratic Party lead Congress has a lower approval rating than both the President and the republican party!


    Flying during third trimester is okay if the pregnancy is going well.

    The baby was not in any danger. It’s not like the water breaks and suddenly the baby can’t breath. As long as labor hasn’t really started (as in, contractions are pretty far apart) and the baby hasn’t begun it’s journey outward, waiting a little while is okay. Edumicate yourself before you speak.


    yea those democratic controlled house rebate checks really boosted the economy…to the tune of a weaker dollar. what would obama do for the state of this country other than turn us more towards socialism anyways? his tax proposals won’t do anything but hurt the value of the dollar even more than it has been damaged under bush. like it or not, obama would be the worst possible thing that could happen to this country at this point of time.


    Alright time for a mom to chime in. 4-6 hours after the waters break you run the risk of infection, meaning the unborn child could get very very sick, unless you have doctor intervention to prevent it. 9 hours after the waters break, the loss of fluid (even with a “tiny rip”) will cause the weight of the baby to press down on the cervix, which could cause nerve damage to the unborn child. At this point unless you’re in a hospital being monitored, you shouldn’t be sitting upright, let alone flying on a plane, doing speeches and ignoring hospitals. 12 hours without a contraction or corrective surgery (meaning they close the leak) a C section is required. My point? The woman is a retard who cares more about her career then her kids.. And after the crap with her daughter getting preggers at 17.. I can already tell the kind of role model shes going to make! Burn in your own fire McKain.


    how does a mom control her kid getting pregnant at 17? i don’t see how a choice her kid made (or mistake, we don’t know) directly reflects upon palin.

    if you’re kid ended up dealing crack to all the other kids at school and sleeping around with everyone, would it be fair for everyone to call you a terrible parent even though you had no idea they were doing that and didn’t condone her actions? same goes with palin so back off. likewise, how are we sure there was no doctor intervention immediately? i would like to see your credentials to back that up, not just the mother aspect or wikipedia


    Just out of curiosity, Wizard, how will Obama’s tax reforms socialize the country and weaken the dollar. I’ve been known to dabble a bit in economics and I’d like to hear your perspective on this.


    wizardoffahz 12 hours in labor are my credentials, can you do better? And if my girl was selling crack and got herself pregnant, it would be MY fault. As a parent I have a responsibility to TEACH my child right from wrong and set examples. If I can’t read the signs that shes doing drugs, or ignore her questions about sex and pregnancy, I’m not a very good parent and I would expect to be attacked for any actions she takes. Maybe not on such a wide scale, but by her teachers, her friends and my co-workers. She is my responsibility, and I’m not going to cop out and say “I didn’t know she was doing it”. Palin’s girl is 17! What 17 year old doesn’t mess around? Are republicans immune to human nature now??

    If you weren’t aware, Palin is against sex ed, and there is the problem. She didn’t give her daughter the tools, so the blame falls on her shoulders. So yes, it would be fair to call me a terrible parent in that case, because I was there from day one.. no.. before day 1. If she doesn’t have the time to raise her kids right, she doesn’t need to be fixing the country’s problems. No.. she isn’t able to fix the country’s problems.


    …After wrapping up the speech, Palin and her husband consulted with her physician about possibly flying home on an earlier flight. After being granted permission from her doctor, she and her husband proceeded with the trek home.

    At that point, Palin was only having minor contractions and was not showing signs of active labor, Sharon Leighow, the governor’s spokeswoman, said on Monday.

    After the baby was born, Palin told her staff members that her experiences from four previous pregnancies made her comfortable with the signs of active labor. She felt that neither she nor her baby were in any danger, and so she flew home as scheduled.


    …After wrapping up the speech, Palin and her husband consulted with her physician about possibly flying home on an earlier flight. After being granted permission from her doctor, she and her husband proceeded with the trek home.

    Her physician? Over the phone? Pfft.. that’s reliable.


    I think I see some more straws over there, grasp, grasp, you’ve almost got it!


    Late joining the argument, but…

    Polls show that less women are supporting McCain because of Palin, and that was before the pregnant 17 year old debacle.


    The only straws being grasped are those belonging to Palin and her spokesperson.

    These were blatantly the actions of a self absorbed, opportunistic, cutthroat person that puts her career and ambitions above anything else.

    All the statements that gudis posted were exactly that–statements. Also known as “spin”, “P.R.”, or as I like to call it, “bullshit”. Did her ob-gyn actually make a public statement? Probably not, as any doctor with an ounce of credibility would not publically admit to giving that kind of medical advice over the phone to a woman with a fetus with known, pre-existing health problems. The pressure changes associated with flying, (and it was two flights remember, not even one), could have fully ruptured the placenta. We won’t even get into the risks of infection, nerve damage, oxygen deprivation, etc., that could have occurred from waiting so long to seek medical care.

    Any way you look at it, this was a selfish and irresponsible decision from a person with a long history of similar behavior. Hmmm… kind of like her running mate…..sounds like a match made in heaven! You know, that heaven she wants taught in schools.

    P.S. You all know she was probably secretly hoping that if she waited long enough, the baby would die. Can’t have her picture perfect political family marred by a handicapped child. Or a pregnant teen for that matter….ooops, too late.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You all know she was probably secretly hoping that if she waited long enough, the baby would die.

    The same thing crossed my mind as well, that she was trying to have an indirect abortion, but I thought I was being overly cynical. Good to hear that other people are suspecting the same thing.


    I had that same thought. wondered if maybe she wanted something to happen. As for the doc. You ask anyone who has EVER had a child and they will tell you that as soon as you’re water breaks or you feel contractions (even the false ones) you go straight to the hospital for an exam.. not call one on the phone!

    Did I read that right?

    She got permission to take an EARLY flight home… but went on and did another speech in Seattle? then Took her normal flight home from there? I don’t care if she has 1 kid or 30, labor is unpredictable, It could take 12 hours or 10 mins and you have no way of “feeling” when the kid is gonna pop. If she was so hell bent on having the kid at home she should have taken the first flight out. (well should have avoided the air port and headed to the nearest hospital, but anyway)


    Plus he wasn’t even an ob-gyn. check out the info on this link. Also, the possibility that the kid is actually her daughter’s first kid is growing, tho i didn’t believe it initially.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Trig was born April 18, 2008. So if Bristol is 7 months pregnant now, it would impossible for her to be the mother of Trig. BTW, what’s up with the stupid fucking names? They’re all worse than what movies stars come up with.


    alright caio. obama wants to make a series of tax cuts to middle americans so that they can “afford taxes”, raise the minimum wage so that people can afford rising costs, create jobs for americans, and start up numerous programs that promise some hooplah to happen over the next 8 years or so that will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and where does all this money come from? basically “big” business and the wealthy. now what is the connection with big business and the wealthy you ask? that’s right, they usually own those big businesses. So if they start to get taxed a shit load more do you think that they will just roll over and take in less profits to help the american people? of course not! because they’re motivated individuals (unless 80% of america) who own a business just for the purpose of making money. so how they counteract those increased taxes is by simply raising the prices on their goods. Who buys those goods? middle class americans, who just received these fancy tax cuts and can afford so much more…yipee hooray! what do they spend this extra money on then? new cars, better homes, better lives? nope, rather they start paying an inflated, tax-effected price for their everyday goods.

    Raising the minimum wage is a good thing every once in a while, but not when liberals want it to happen every few years. increased wages mean increased prices for goods and services, which just puts us back at square one.

    These programs obama wants to start to progress the american people into greatness? simply put we pay for these damn programs through taxes, which is done artfully thanks to the national government. I’m sure you make about $10,000 a year caio, so you probaly get one of those nifty checks from the government every year for like $300 yea? well you’re still paying taxes out the ass to the government for these damn programs that the majority of us will never see benefit come from.

    If he does the Roosevelt thing and creates jobs through government work? well jobs are created and its a good temporary fix, but once again people who hold steady jobs already because they aren’t deadbeats end up paying for those jobs to take place. Also big business is what creates permanent jobs for Americans and because of clinton taxes on big business during his tenure as president we now have numerous corporations going overseas to get cheaper labor without having to pay those taxes.

    Liberal economic plans are idiotic and socialistic


    *unlike 80% of america*
    too early for debate

    tiki god

    “not when liberals want it to happen every few years”

    I happen to get a raise every single year. Why shouldn’t the burger flipper get the chance too?


    It seems like he’s one of those people who only believes in macro-evolution. Which I think is just about as dumb as people who deny it all together. Obama is a Christian though.

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.



    He never said “I only believe in macro-evolution” but I can’t imagine fully understanding/believing and evolution and being a Christian.

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