Same Party Different Plantation


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    The Right REALLY, REALLY, can’t meme.


    I love how it conveniently leaves out that they were made to work long hours with no pay, physically and emotionally abused, treated and considered less than human, could be murdered with no repercussions by their owner, were not treated equally under the law, could not vote, could not own property, could not leave the farm/plantation/house/etc., and sure as hell couldn’t protest or complain about any of it.


    I was just thinking “we haven’t heard much from our resident right-wing idiots recently…” like thirty seconds ago.


    What exactly makes you think Trump has made it through his first term with his mind intact….?


    Your mom did all those things too, plus more even. Geddit? More? Geddit? More, as in, like, have sex. Your mom, that is. I’m saying I banged your mom.

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