Barack 08

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The story of Barack Hussein Obama, son of a Kenyan Muslim and an Hawaiin atheist intending to run for president of the United States.

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    Nice tags? I take it Obama has your vote?


    Can’t wait for silly season to get over with.


    Wow, Barak’s mom was an atheist and he used to smoke and back in the 70s he said ‘fuck’.

    Man, the Republicans are really digging up the dirt on this guy.


    I heard he doesn’t recycle! o.O!

    Professor Ratbaggy

    You’ve already lost when you have to resort to attacking someone on the basis of who their parents are and what middle name they chose to give him rather than on what he has to say, and when you have to back that up with a drawing because you’d never get an actual photo that ridiculous.  Pretty pathetic.


    If this it the best the republicans can come up with…. they are lost.

    but after 8 years of Bush, if another republican wins, we all lose.


    as for what obama has to say:

    noun, verb, “Change”


    These elections are such a show…
    It’s no doubt who the winner will be…

    The only wonder is who will be chosen to be the VP…But let’s not forget folks, they all answer to big industry.

    I like Obama, but he’s a politician, plain and simple.

    The day one of them cuts into the Military budget, where most of the US spends its money, to actually use it in the Public interest (on Infrastructure and jobs other than oil, gas, weapon and munitions industries) we’ll see who really runs things, when they come for his head.

    These elections are getting more like WWF every four years….

    Peace out.


    Not all republicans are the same, dipshit. Just like not all democrats are the same. McCain ≠ Bush just like Obama ≠ Hillary.

    Better than either candidate would be to pick a plain citizen, preferably one with degrees in business and finance, and in all honesty, also an atheist. Not because I dislike religion, but because I dislike religion affecting politics. An atheist, given a calm down to earth one would be more likely to make decisions based on LOGIC, instead of religious morals. And that’s directed at both candidates.


    Apparently the opposition can’t spell. They proved that by voting for Bush, twice.

    I think the main question one has to consider is this: Will McCain live long enough to see the election?


    They proved they don’t care about candidates being able to spell*


    Politician’s = lair’s


    talk about not being able to spell!

    Politicians = LIARS



    Can’t we all leave this petty political shit alone and sing together, as one “WE’RE ALL FUCKED!”


    Why would anyone vote for Obama when a senile war-mongerer who couldn’t even manage to avoid capture by enemy soldiers, and whose family values include divorcing his first wife when she was disfigured in an auto accident so he could marry a beautiful heiress, is running against him?


    Wow. “Couldn’t even manage to avoid capture by enemy soldiers,” eh?

    I’m assuming you are obviously some sort of survival expert who would know exactly what to do in the event that your jet was shot down in enemy territory.

    I mean, the nerve of McCain to let himself be captured after fracturing both arms, one leg, almost drowning in the lake he parachuted into, getting his shoulder jacked up, and then getting stabbed with a bayonet!

    Please. There are better things to criticize the guy on besides throwing an idiotic remark out there like “he couldn’t even avoid being captured,” when you clearly have no idea what in the world you’re talking about.


    FlyingMantisShrimp: A black knight of Monty Python he is not.


    You’re right. I should have said, “Couldn’t even flhis jet without getting it shot down.” ‘Cause you know, not EVERYONE gets his or her jet shot down.

    And if it wasn’t his “fault”? Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a president who can avoid accidents, rather than explain them afterwards.


    Anti-american, democrat, marxist, muslim, atheist.
    Also, I’ve heard a rumour that he’s black.



    First of all, the very nature of accidents are things that happen by chance, and while you can always safeguard against certain things from happening, saying that there is a way to just avoid accidents altogether is a pretty ignorant thing to claim. You should be looking for a President who not only safeguards against certain events, but also reacts with a level head and clear thinking in times of crisis. If you’re looking for some President who just avoids accidents, you’re never going to find one. Sorry.

    And what in the hell makes you an expert on jet aircraft, dogfighting, and SERE(Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) training done by the military? If you really think it’s so easy to avoid being shot down by a locked on missile while you’re in a jet made during the late fifties, you’re an imbecile. If you think flying a jet is so easy, how about you go to your local USAF recruiter and start training to become a pilot?

    People like you who don’t bother looking up information on anything, but vote according to their own biases and unsupported assumptions really shouldn’t even be allowed to vote in the first place.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Normally I would agree with you. The problem is that McCain has made his status as “war hero” an issue. If he expects people to vote for him because of his service in the military, then it because perfectly acceptable to criticize him based the same service, which honestly isn’t very good (bottom of his class at the academy, promoted due to family connections, etc.). Like Wesley Clark said, being a POW does not mean you’re qualified to be President.


    “People…who don’t bother looking up information on anything, but vote according to their own biases and unsupported assumptions really shouldn’t even be allowed to vote in the first place.”

    So you’ll be staying home that day?


    I agree that McCain having served in a war is not a sole, valid reason for him to be elected. I also agree that his record should be scrutinized, as should any of his actions since this man is a candidate to become the leader of our country.

    My point is that PaulCilwa’s comments made it seem as if 1) Only the bad pilots get shot down and 2) In the event of being shot down, it’s easy to escape. And going by PaulCilwa’s own description of the event as an “accident,” then by that logic, we can say we shouldn’t vote for anybody who has been in so much as a few car wrecks.


    Yes, I’m clearly the misinformed one since I’m the one who actually knows the details of the event/person we’re discussing.

    And why am I even bothering trying to get through to you? On your website, you describe yourself as “metaphysicician, blooger, traveler, author, photographer, singer/songwriter, and an experiencer.”

    So, basically, you’re an unemployed hippie whose beliefs, according to your article entitled Were The Ancient ‘Gods’ Extraterrestials?, seem to share a border with scientologists. From your own website:

    “They are still here. Depending how human they really look, they might be “immortals” living among us, the “secret government,” or even the aliens who abduct some of us now for–what else?–genetic experimentation.”

    Great. I’ve gotten into a discussion with a scientologist. I have shamed myself, my family, and my community.


    You’re absolutely right. Given a choice, I would vote for the candidate who had the fewest car wrecks. Preferably, zero.


    Oh, how funny. I am not unemployed (I probably make more money than you) and I am not a Scientologist.

    If that’s how carefully you read information that’s handed right to you, no wonder you’re an idiot!


    I can guarantee that you probably make more money than me. In fact, I honestly hope you do. I work for the government, after all, so I don’t exactly roll around on a bed full of money. Yes, that’s right. I’m paid by the government. Please don’t put on your aluminum foil hat–it makes my mind control work a little harder.

    Do you really want this to continue? I can keep quoting from your own publications.

    “2. Yahweh destroyed them on their home world, as he managed to wipe them out on ours.”

    That’s right, guys. After annihilating the alien menace on their home world, God then followed them to Earth and continued the fight until he killed them here.


    You can quote out of context all you want. As a government worker, I suppose that’s yoru specialty. I invite anyone interested to follow through to the citations and examine the evidence for themselves. As you CLAIM should be done (but do as you say, not as you do, eh?)

    And by the way, people with IQs over 80 recognize that ad hominem arguments are distractions and invalid. What does anything you’ve written have to do with McCain’s qualifications to be president? Do you have anything substantive to offer on that topic?


    <crickets chirping%gt;


    You really *are* an idiot, aren’t you? Not in a single part of my post did I say McCain is QUALIFIED to be president. I never said he’s better than Obama, or that Obama is better than he is.

    My ONLY point, originally, was that saying that “McCain couldn’t avoid an accident,” is a pretty fucking retarded point in terms of disqualifying somebody for the presidency.

    Yes, I’m clearly quoting way out of context on your website since this is your statement under the “metaphysician” tab:

    “Is money really the root of all evil? If so…who planted that root?

    The evidence is that aliens did it…and, yes, there really is evidence, in the form of thousands of written documents left by them and the people they enslaved. See Were The Ancient ‘Gods’ Extraterrestrials? for details.”

    So money is the root of all evil and aliens put that root there. In effect, you’re saying aliens are responsible for all evil.

    Clearly, you’ve proven yourself to be a reliable source of information and good judgement.


    But, hey, this flame war’s done on my end since I’ve got an actual life to attend to this weekend(long weekend for me). My coworkers and I are having a New World Order meeting at the bottom of the Washington Monument where we can heed the word of our extraterrestrial mast-I’ve said too much!


    “The problem is that McCain has made his status as “war hero” an issue. ”
    Just like Obama has been playing the race card this entire campaign.




    Alec Dalek

    I see diabeetus is getting more and more worried about the impending election of a black president. Dude, at this point, ANYONE would do a better job that President “Dumbass” Bush.


    – Not all republicans are the same, dipshit. Just like not all democrats are the same. McCain ≠ Bush just like Obama ≠ Hillary.

    ALL Politicians ARE the same kiddo.
    You may want to steer clear of gratuitous insults if you want to be taken seriously, but otherwise we agree on quite a lot.

    But where you see Reps and Dems I see People.
    Just because they say and belong to a group doesn’t make them good or bad. Politicians are just under Lawyers are for scum of the earth, and let’s remember that most politicians were/are lawyers so…


    Well this turned out amusing. “OMG, Reps suck!” “OMG Black Socialism!” “OMG aliens!” And it appears the only one who researches is FlyingMantisShrimp

    On an unrelated note, I love how people call lawyers the “scum of the earth” until they need one.


    Is it me, or did this thread wind up as the political equivalent to, “Ive got to kill the demons! No, you are a demon. Then he was a zombie.” ?



    ^ Must be some Dungeons and Dragons joke.


    actually korinthian, as with most frequently uttered internet sentences, that came from /b/.


    also PaulCilwa sucks.


    Fail troll fails.


    This Picture is so full of win

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