7.62 is a fine cartridge for deer, hogs and rogue hominids

7.62 is a fine cartridge for deer, hogs and rogue hominids

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    Agreed. However, it is hard to beat the 30-06 for all around versatility.


    What is she wearing. And why is she wearing it. And why are there people who produce stuff like that.


    Is 6.0′ fine for your pleasure?


    dieAntagonista: I believe that would be RealTree brand camo from their Advantage line. She is wearing it under the false pretense that animals see in color or patterns. And, finally, people produce it because of the gullibility of human beings. The same reason there is bottled water.


    She’s wearing some of the current camouflage that’s sold by hunting stores.. I’m not sure if it’s RealTree, or something else.


    the3g_ipwn: So…the camo only hides you from other hunters?


    nyokki: No, no! That’s the funny part. Camo is a billion dollar industry, so we hunters buy it, and guess what….Top it off with a big, bright flourescent, blaze orange vest!




    “Rogue hominids” presumably see in color patterns.


    I buy and wear it because: It’s comfortable, durable,and cheap.
    I hit Wal-mart when they put hunting gear on clearance, The stuff in my size ends up $5-$9 a piece.


    M1A with 20rd Magazine I think.
    I did the dross last sunday for
    a new one. It will look nice
    with my socom. Take a look at
    J. Allen Enterprises and see the
    amazing things you can do with
    this rifle.


    The JAE-100 stock for that rifle is gorgeous.
    Oleg Volk is an amazing photographer.


    I dunno, 7.62 has always seemed to be the “meaty middle” caliber right below .357s that is used in everything, but I’m not sure why. There was some decision made that it was “just enough” stopping power to be worth the trade-offs. Now obviously I don’t want everything using .45 caliber shells, most every “rogue humanoid” is going to sit down and stop charging if you hit them with a 7.62, but I’m not sure where in the mix of hunting/warfare/etc. decisions it became such a midpoint.


    I dunno I have to see her naked first. Wait, what are we talking about?


    once agian, i lost the point of the pic due to poor trigger discipline .


    Nobody is making fun of a 6 inch penis? I must be bigger then i thought!


    cm3ars: What? fingers outside the guard so whats the problem? Other than her fingers are not on me?casemods:yup. Mine is so small, Steve Hawkins had to write an equation proving its existence


    SumoSnipe: so it is, i didnt enlarge the pic, so i made the assumption, since all the other “girls w/ guns” pics on here have bad discipline. and i agree her fingers would be better off on my gun.


    @...the3g_ipwn: ROFL… you know I never thought of it that way… But you are right! What a rip! Not only are deer are color blind, but they have poor depth perception and visual acuity in comparison to humans. So not only is all the high tech camo pointless for hunting, but then they have to buy the bright orange blazers so they don’t get shot by other hunters… Now that’s funny, I don’t care who ya are… Though as a side note, re: overall versatility, I’d argue that the 7.62 is a slightly smaller, and more easily obtained round, which… Read more »



    Yes, Oleg’s work is awesome.

  • Here's a few awesome images!