Dressing Inappropriately

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    Most rapes are committed by someone the victim knows. Probably trusts. Which is why they tend not to see it coming until the gun is no longer a factor (or worse, has become the rapist’s weapon of coercion.


    You’ve not paid much attention to Europe have you?

    not sure if its going protect her from a muslim gang rape

    Maybe you are right, but I’ve got plenty of experience of moslems running away when you start shooting that them.

    Bullet holes also make criminals easier to identify.


    Yeah, and their location can easily tell what happened. For example, dozen or so, bullet holes in the back – heroic policeman had to protect the public, and himself from a vicious attacker.


    Yay. Now she can dress as trampy as she wants to without having to deal with men UGH.


    Dressing inappropriately, invites inappropriate attention.
    Nonetheless if a dude hears “No” second time, he should do a 180, and go about his business.


    Weapons are no match for money. Is there any porn with this model in it?

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