education system hasn’t cancelled her yet

I haven’t given up hope on the future of the USA, despite the MCS circlejerk.


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    tiki god

    she’s right about most of those, she IS a racist if she says “all lives matter” and most of what else she says are false or just straight up lies.

    fuck her and fuck anyone that listens to her. she’s a polemic piece of shit that either works against the future of america or works for those that do.


    If it were that clear it would be much easier. The sad part is that each thing she says at least sounds like it has a bit of truth to it, likely enough for others to think is enough to either validate the point or consider it.

    That is why this sort of thinking is so insidious, it is easy and obvious to those who can’t understand more complex situations or don’t want to try.


    None of what she said is true. Poor downtrodden snowflake locked in a prison of her own poor thinking skills.

    Old Tofu

    who told her she couldn’t do any of those things? she needs to distance herself from them immediately, shame it’s most likely her parents or some boy she’s hot for

    Old Tofu

    fuck your downvotes , does the truth hurt?


    You do realize bitching about getting down voted makes you the snowflake right?

    Old Tofu

    is that supposed to hurt my feelings?


    She’s so completely full of shit she’ll be on OAN in a matter of weeks.