America – Freedom for sale

America - Freedom for sale

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    It ain’t cheap…


    It ain’t? I always had the feelings the american people were giving their’s away for free.


    Price check on “Freedom”…




    DUDE! were a country full of horribly prioritized cheapskates! we exchange the kyoto treaty for the war; we didnt want to do the treaty, because it was “too expensive”. but lets go ahead with this clusterfuck we call a war. its all just so confusing mann; X( *facepalm*


    About $3.50




    @TrikYodz: Everybody knows the environment, education, and health care are less important than a good war.


    A buck $380


    It’s always bothered me that the people who live in this country hate it so much. If you don’t like the way its run, either try to change it or get out. Quit you bitchin!


    done and done motherfucker


    @Timmay72: EASIER SAID THAN DONE!! In a society so oppressed by bureaucracy deeply entrenched, vocalizing dissent is for many the only possible way a concerned citizen *can* enact change, in the vague hope someone in a position of power will hear and heed their words. Loving one’s country doesn’t mean accepting everything for what it is, but striving for what it could become. There are many good things about the U.S. but there are also many bad things and if people don’t express their hatred for the evils inherent, they won’t get fixed for the sake of the good. Don’t… Read more »


    i’m just gonna add that moving countries is the hardest thing you can do in you life.

    Never gets fucking easier.


    …and BourbonDingo was right with a buck o five.


    Bitching about things won’t change anything. And Kyoto is a failure, the countries that did adopt it have lost trillions for almost no gain.

    You must remember that what you believe to be true is not necessarily so. If we had stuck to our original objective of getting Saddam Hussein, the war would have had a minimal cost in both dollars and soldiers. It’s because we have shown some basic compassion for the Iraqi people that we have stuck around trying to rebuild their country.


    If we had to our original objective of getting those who attacked our sovereign soil, then we wouldn’t fucking be in Iraq. And Bin Laden would be dead. And we’d be having this argument over Afghanistan, which everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about. Hussein was a prisoner in his own country, and he didn’t stand for that al-qaida bullshit. Now, Iraq is a haven for terrorists. Good job, executive branch, good job.


    @timmay complaining about everything is the best part of life.


    I love this country, and I bitch about it sometimes. I can say the same thing about my Mom. Loving a person or place doesn’t mean pretending they are completely without faults. Likewise, bitching about someone doesn’t mean you hate them.


    Well said…

    @nyokki: LOL I was thinking more like fitty cent… Inflation is a killer…


    Funny how American will sell freedom to others at a high price, but will give fascism to others for free