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    Stupid and wrong. ’tis all very linear, like so…

    A mass shooting occurs
    Conservatives (and ONLY conservatives) offer up that most utterly vapid of responses: “thoughts and prayers”.
    Liberals want to do something about guns pretty much right out of the gate.
    At which point, conservatives will wring their hands and say that immediately after the tragedy is not the right time to actually do something about it.
    Nothing gets done and Americans forget all about it after a week or so. Cycle up to next tragic shooting.


    US 35K die yearly from gun related deaths. That’s almost a 9-11 a month.
    If you’re on the ‘No fly list’, no guns for you.
    If you’ve been convicted of a violent crime, no guns.
    If you’re clinically psychologically a danger to yourself or others, no gun.
    Martial arts, body guards, bunkers & safe rooms, fine, but no gun.
    If money is exchanged for a gun, gun show or individual, it has to be verified.
    It’s moderation, a minimum response, wanted by majority of ‘We the people’.
    It only solves a fraction of the issue, but protects and saves real lives.
    Just this. How can anyone justify otherwise?

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