Did you know you could post comments?

You can post comments and shit, and if you want, you can post images and videos and shit.  someone can show you how, but yeah, that’s what you can do.


Edit: added a comment preview function and some quick & easy copy paste code to put images and video in comments.

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    How does one post comments? (yup, I went there) And are we talking about video posts or embedding video in the comments section?


    Tags are in the FAQ, but without a preview function it’s a crapshoot to see if the code works, if you get the tag wrong you can’t even delete it.


    *bigwords*WHY AM I NOT A MOD?*bigwords*


    cool…perhaps I will comment more frequently now that I will be able to see my typos beforehand…
    and here’s a link too: [youtube]http://youtu.be/QocmQIUYuNk[/youtube]
    hrm, link does not show in preview, gonna hit post and see if link shows up.


    nerp…need ‘edit’ button now…


    now if tiki could fix the links getting removed


    Or at least a delete button for mistakes –


    Thanks, Tiki – preview works fine.


    Yeah traffic is down for loads of other sites as well.



    There’s no shit in this picture, not counting the word.


    There’s also no comma, which gives Mr. Holes a nice nickname.






    So did you accidentally the link to NSFW at the top of the page?


    The NSFW link disappeared, and all I get is a wall of tiny images.


    Since there are like 3 people on here farting into each other’s mouths and actually going to different computers to ‘downvote’ and blank out comments they aren’t smart enough to wrap their little cause heads around can get a fag blocker? Like some kind of ignore feature.

    Also here:

    Do those. Those be good.

    only people logged in can vote, names must be visible somehow
    and letter to code

    Basic html doesn’t work.

    BB code does.

    But you know that.

    You fucking mexican.


    Also logged out voting works.

    God damn I hate you.


    Mags, a while ago I saw a comment of yours with 18 down votes – if three people are doing it they must have been running six computers each. Seems a lot of trouble to go to just to hide your comments. Especially when it only takes three to shut a comment down.

    Don’t you think it’s more likely that eighteen people just think you’re a schmuck?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It does seem like a lot of effort. The voting add on to WP logs IP.

    So if it was so much effort for you then why do it?

    Maybe not try and bullshit when your stupid ass leaves a clearly defined trail.

    There were 19 votes. 6 users. Average downvote that automatically goes on every post of mine is 3. That’s faggot (you), retard, and Desperate Fatcunt (demon).

    Aren’t you glad your dumb ass tried and failed again? Better downvote this from every computer you can so nobody sees how full of shit you are.


    I do find it amusing that you like to portray Liberals as “hopeless, unemployed losers on welfare” and yet you think we have the resources to command vast computer networks just to downvote your stupid-ass posts. If as you say the system logs IPs then there must have been not only 19 computers but 19 internet connections – that’s some serious money. Especially when the user can just click “click here to view” and the comment pops up. All that time and money to delay a user a second or two? A simpler solution might be that most people only… Read more »


    He might not be here to make friends.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Okay if you don’t even understand that different computers running through the same router won’t be assigned the same IP then you’re just pathetic. 6 IPs and 19 votes. You’re an idiot and every time (whether you get precious pats on the ass in the form of votes or not) you post it’s something fucking stupid. Why would anyone post online with the intention of pleasing anonymous people by echoing their opinions to them? I’m asking here because you do that. Liberalism and socialism are defeatist principles. They fail. Every time. And stupid people like you are so damned dumb… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Also Retard just woke you up to something. You are dumber than a retard. Nice.

    Luke Magnifico

    Tiki, just now I previewed a comment and it already had a thumb up in the preview, before I went to post it. What’s up with that?

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