Happy Eleventh Birthday MCS!

It’s been eleven years since I started this site, and I still haven’t managed to blow it all to hell yet, so join me in the chat room and we’ll reminisce about the times that chat rooms were relevant and people actually used them!

Also, there’s a page that shows you all the posts on this day for each of the past 11 years.

And here’s the top rated posts on the site, some good shit in there. maybe I’ll see if I can (finally?) get thumbnails on the top 10 page. that might be useful for an image site, right?

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    Dyon 86

    Happy Birthday MCS

    so underage
    I wonder if casemods found a more underage site




    Tiki… you’re a muthafuckin’ beast.


    I have no idea how many years I’ve been reading this site. Thanks for the good times.