MCS Advertisement Contest Winners

Wow, lemme say: I’m shocked at the variety of adverts that were submitted, and happily surprised by the skill levels displayed by the MCS loyal.  Think this should be an ongoing deal?  I present an image challenge, and you submit?

Requirements: a banner 400×75 that is funny and ranked in the top 3
1st: 50 bucks via paypal
2nd: 25 bucks via paypal
3rd: a sexy letter via gmail.

Here’s the winners as of the end of the contest:

Those three of you that are winners will be contacted via email.  Those of you that are losers will not be contacted by email, sorry.

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    Congrats on the winners !!

    in other recent news … i love how you said …

    “Those of you that are losers will not be contacted by email, sorry.” lool


    WOOHOO! High five?


    I think the sexy letter should be published for all to see.


    it’s interesting how someone with a handfull of votes made it when people who posted back when the contest started received over 30 votes. sounds like you should do the Florida election!


    has it been rigged ? :\ ?


    since the winner was last minute and therefore didnt get as many votes, i think the ratio of 5’s and 4’s to 2’s and 1’s should be considered rather than this system.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    According to the Central Limit Theorem, as long as you have more than 30 votes, the sample mean should be an accurate representation of the true mean.
    In other words, STFU about ‘last minute’ entries.


    rolf … well whens the next contest ?


    Whoever got the sexy email from Tiki, can you post it on the internet?


    Thank you to all who voted for my banner…and my condolences for anyone who has to look at it.

    Woohoo I won…just in time to help pay for repairs to my car that broke this weekend.


    Congrats dogolopee


    Tiki God, what a bullshit contest! You state that before entering the contest to read the rules, where you state no animated banners allowed… WTF? then you pick an animated banner as the winner? way to have a contest…


    God & third place didn’t even make the right size ad’s…. What a fucking joke!


    I apologize for my statements earlier, I don’t know what I was thinking, much like everything else on this site you must have leeched the rules for the contest off of some other site and just didn’t pay much attention to what they said… It’s ok we understand, you where drunk right?



    Shut the fuck up.

  • Here's a few awesome images!