a tale of three storms

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    Bush was playing guitar during Katrina. After signing almost yearly bills reducing the funding for shoring up the levees.

    Don’t let Trump’s Idiot Hitler routine make you forget that Bush was a garbage fire.


    They got more then enough money for levees. Which they stole, because you could toss every cop & positions in LA in jail & not arrest anyone who isn’t criminally corrupt. Not that I am a fan of Bush, but what happened during & after Katrina was completely the fault of the State & Parrish Governments.

    These things are local issues, and no responsibility of the President, or any branch of the federal government.

    tiki god

    that’s not true even in the least bit and you’re conflating many issues with each other. The levee system is owned and maintained by the federal government, and the federal response after the storm is what I’m personally the most upset about, but there’s plenty of blame to be spread about, including the lack of an appropriate evacuation plan (local), lack of suitable shelters (local), lack of immediate national guard response (sorta local, I believe that’s on the state level), lack of emergency funds (federal), lack of national leadership (federal), lack of foresight / funding of the levees (federal). I’m… Read more »

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