Not ominous at all

“You mean to say the “It’s not censorship! It’s a private company, not the government!” argument was horseshit?”

“Always was”

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    So you like bullshit then….?
    Well that part is obvious….

    Old Tofu

    apparently you are unaware of how facebook employees were working WITH the trump administration in promoting their line of bullshit the whole time and only when it started to limit the false information did trump and his lackeys get upset


    Do not engage. He (I absolutely guarantee this person is male) does not argue in good faith. If you present proof he is wrong, he will move the goalposts. His arguments are projections and strawmen. Just mock him and move on with your day.

    Old Tofu

    boomers in the 60’s , fight the man and stop the government from sending us to war. boomers in the 2000’s , we are the government now go fight endless wars so we can make money

    Old Tofu

    comment image


    If that’s the message you took away from that, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.


    First time?

    tiki god

    I understand it’s a difficult concept, but scientific understanding changes over time. They followed up with a massive change in this policy pretty quickly.

    Your point is disingenuous and is dangerously close to misinformation.

    Old Tofu

    anyone with an iq above their shoe size knew they were buying time since the stockpile of ppe was non existent at the time.

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