explaining gay marriage part 2

explaining gay marriage part 2

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    Clearly we should all be very scared of toaster marriage.


    You mean: “very scared of zombie-dog-toaster-marriage”?


    I agree with the sentiments expressed, but for fucks sake, check the grammar and spelling please. Also it is inequality, not unequality. If you’re going to write anything snarky and condescending, check your fucking spelling and grammar, and make sure you are using words properly.

    Looking like a dumb-ass doesn’t help anyone’s cause.


    Do these types of cards exist as well?
    “This is Ray. Ray is a male adult capable of making his own decisions. Ray thinks he’s half-dragon, half-fox.
    This is Tim. Tim is a male adult capable of making his own decisions. Tim thinks he’s part dragon, part wolf, with chipmunk teeth.
    They like to meet up at the Motel 6 near the airport with other like-minded individuals that they’ve met on Craigslist.”


    As long as they are consenting adults, they can do that all they like. They aren’t breaking any laws unless one of them pays the other for the service. They also aren’t asking to be recognized as a legal union by the state, so why do they even need a “card” as you put it? The big question is why are there laws forbidding certain people from marrying other certain people? Even bigger question is why ANYONE needs it to be “legally” recognized? In my opinion, the courts should butt out of people’s personal decisions altogether. Why should a heterosexual… Read more »

    This is Who Gives a Shit. He’s everyone not gay who is sick of hearing about fags all the fucking time. He doesn’t hate gay people because of their disgusting sexual habits. He just finds their constant attention seeking annoying.

    Mr Happy

    This is everyone on MCS. He is everyone who isn’t a lonely troll who uses swearing and condescending remarks to make a point no one wants to hear. He doesn’t hate magnus because he is not capable of having a civil conversation. He just finds his constant attention seeking annoying.


    Dude, it’s not like they haven’t been giving very specific information about what it will take to make them shut the fuck up.

    The King of Nothing

    I’m all for gay marriage, but “Adam and Steve” have the exact same rights when it comes to marriage as “Adam and Eve.” All of them, and every citizen of the U.S., have the right to marry a member of the opposite gender. A gay man CAN get married…to a woman. So can a straight man. Gay and straight women can both get married to a man. It’s annoying when they right in what they are fighting for, but they are wrong in their arguments.


    How is this not discrimination against sex? Its alright for a woman to marry a man but not for a man to do the same?


    How about we make a deal. I impose that we make gay marriage legal and make gay pride parades illegal. Nothing I hate more then wasting an extra 30 min to get to work because people want to show their sexuality.


    Not unless you make all parades illegal.


    Equal legal status, equal “pool.” As an adult male of majority and legally free, there’s a group of potential brides out there. Everyone of the same status shares the same pool. To fight against it is to change the rules.

    Equal. Period.


    wtf? I don’t even…


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