Actually doing meth won’t make it easier to hook up.


but all the cool people are doing it!

And seriously when you’re all fucked up, a guy that looks like this might either scare you silly, or make you horny as hell.  It’s all about the trip.

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    in that case bring on the zombie chicks


    I’m not sayin that anybody should do this shit but back in my younger years I did a lot of that shit. A LOT! Never did I look like that d.b.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Meth used to be used to treat asthma and obesity. Soldiers in WW2 were injected with a less potent meth daily and Japanese soldiers actually had the meth we know today invented for them. Hitler used to get injections of meth daily. Ritalin is a form of amphetamine. Scare tactics NEVER work. 99% of anti drug and anti smoking ads are 100% useless. Why not do something about what’s driving kids to find new levels of “high” rather than just pumping out stupid ad campaigns and making a few old fucking farts feel better? When you lie to kids and… Read more »


    On that note, I really wish I’d stop getting approached by ‘born again christians’ who need money for their church, because they’re special, and used to have a coke habit, meaning miraculously, I owe them money, for minding my own business, and trying to have coffee.


    Kaze where do you live that you they seem to be around so much? I’ve never had a born again christian approach me for anything. Only the occasional Mormon, and occasional means twice in 27 years.


    –> Maxcw Southern Texas, They also have ‘rallies’ on the side of the road for christian gatherings. Simply as a matter of principle (as I’ve got my own opinions on life, and none of them require a higher power) I wish to start a rally for the worshippers of satan, and I would like to be arrested for it. I sincerely would. I would like for the ‘American system’ get pissed off enough at me for having an opinion, and stating it to others in an equally positive nature as anyone else, and have the arm of the law slap… Read more »


    Yeah I’ve never seen anyone I’ve known get that fucked up doing meth. I’ve seen them get fucked up, but not that fucked up. This guy is a massive aberration in the pool of representative data concerning the damages that meth can do. By framing the mindset of antidrug efforts with extreme examples such that above, all antidrug efforts suffer. It seems that the only rationale for spearheading any antidrug message with such frightening (and rare) examples of the dangers, is that apparently the masses are too busy or stupid to understand the truth, and must therefore be horrified into… Read more »


    I think someone misplaced the anti-zombie campaign pics with the meth pics – now where are the anti-zombie pics with the needles…


    I doubt this guy would have had a lot of prospects before he took meth and scared up his face so seize the day I guess?