VOGUE doesn’t put WHORES on the cover…

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    Of all the things to attack Melania on, a few sexy pictures is petty.

    Old Tofu

    probably referring to her selling herself to the highest bidder or working the bitch angle to renegotiate her prenup . . . you know , whore things. the fact she was the only one with “modeling” experience and didn’t get on the cover is hilarious.

    Last edited 3 months ago by Old Tofu

    I think sleeping with Donald is what makes her a whore….


    Jacqueline Kennedy, on the other hand… she married Aristotle for love.


    Jackie O married her daddy issues. Twice.


    Like, who gives a shit? She’s not a recent first wife and not in the meme picture. Why do you always bring her into these conversations when she’s not relevant? Oh right, you always bring irrelevant shit into conversations.


    You give a shit. Obviously.

    And for the record: the only other time I brought her up was in a post about… her. So drop the pearls, have a Kit-Kat and calm down.

    Last edited 3 months ago by songofsickness

    Fuck that. I’m going to swing my pearls around in the air because I actually don’t care. And I don’t have to calm down if I don’t want to. Just like you’re inability to make a coherent argument, you don’t control me either.


    Raise your hand if you’ve ever murdered someone with your car.

    Old Tofu

    doesn’t look like caitlyn jenner . . .


    Way too many celebrities have killed someone with their car and gotten away with it.

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