Obama – Biden – osama bin laden

Obama - Biden - osama bin laden

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    Fox news

    Retarded news


    Probably not.


    Jesus Fucking Christ!

    Could the political discourse in this country get any worse?


    I’m assuming that was a ‘shop. I mean, Fox News is pretty damn pathetic, but that would be going a bit far even for them.


    I’d rather get all my information from the Weekly World News instead of Fux News…


    Total fake. Here’s the original video: www.cato.org/videohighlights/index.php?highlight_id=36

    If you watch it all the way to the end you get the exact screen image that was used. You can see from the ticker running across the bottom of the screen.

    I dislike and mistrust FOX news as much as anyone, but this would have way over the top, even for them.


    I realize it is fake, but I bet there are people who agree with it. It would be like saying Fox News is run by Nazis because Fox News sounds similar to Fuck Jews.

    Alec Dalek

    You’d have to be a complete moron to think that someone secretly working for Bin Laden and running for president would then advertise this fact.


    May be fake, but Faux News certainly has it in them to display such garbage. “Fair and Balanced” HAHAHAHAHA


    I’ve heard this joke already

    Lord Cocksworth

    jason you may actually be on to something there.


    Man, some of you are as bad as religious nuts in believing outrageous shit, just because it might validate your world view.


    OMFG…. if someone actually thinks this is a legitimate question… you should be castrated!


    Americans don’t have a world view. The internet told me so.


    It is so pathetic that the group of people that think they are so OPENMINDED are the ones that have no thinking capacity at all. What? It must be the Hate that drives their puny little brains!! Barack Obama doesn’t need the name mix-up, he is a Black Homogenized Politician that the Liberals can get into the White House!!! it has happened American Idol has created American President!! That is the only way this “Joke of a Community Organizer could get this far!! I know twenty people in my town that are more Qualified than Barack Obama. Digest and Puke!!!