MCS Submission Bookmarklet

In theory, if you’re logged into MCS and you’re out in the wide on some other site and see a cool image, you can now use the MCS Submission Bookmarklet to submit them without the need to download and re-upload the image to MCS. If you’re logged in, click here for the link to add to your toolbar.  Please note that I did not put the bookmarklet url on the front page of the site, I’m not sure if there’s serious security concerns with it, but I’d like to be safer than sorry!

Steps to use:

  1. When you see a cool image, open it in a new tab
  2. Hit the MCS Submission Bookmark
  3. Hit submit on the submission page.

You can name the image something on the next screen, but it’s not 100% necessary.

Questions or comments pls.  I need at least 50 of you to test it out with 200 images before I’ll be comfortable with it.

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