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I’m going to start locking off the upcoming queue and pending submissions on mcs plus so only Patreons can see them, and soon I’ll start removing the precious Plus icon from people that aren’t active Patreons.

Why?  I’m about to hit a negative balance in my MCS account, not enough income to keep things afloat.   Would be very nice to stop being so stressed every month when the server bill comes out.

Become a Patreon today, for as low as $2 a month, MCS+ badges kick in at the $5 level, which according to my calculations is 2 bud lights or 1 craft beer.  Do you feel like the entertainment provided on MCS is worth a single craft beer? I do, which is why I sink so much time and effort into the site.

A big idea to those that want to take part, there’s now a $25 monthly Patreon level that will give you your  own subdomain on MCS where you can publish anything and everything you want to with no moderation.  For those of you that remember him, casemods had one of these, but he could never figure out how to really use it.  RIP casemods.

EDITED TO SAY: it’s all hidden now. Please be a patreon. Please.
Please? Please.

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    can that subdomain abuse be push on to the main page?


    Oh, man. Good ole casemods. Whatever happened to him? Was the “my little pony” post his swansong?


    Psssshht! He be still here! But nobody knows… *vanishes*


    I signed up for $5 on Patreon the other day. How do I get MCS+?


    So how much will people uploading stuff get ?


    I see.
    How about those that create posts ?


    Not really, but I understood.


    Since you’ve created couple of Patreon options, how about one that allows you to “police” your own treads on “main” MCS?
    No, the subdomain thing isn’t what I’m talking about.


    Ability to turn on\off the rating, comments would be a nice start.


    aww, is some one call fatty a little bitch?


    Not retroactive, if that’s what you’re asking.


    Each post would be best, but at long as it _works_, it doesn’t really matter that much.


    How might one make a contribution that would make a financial difference to you *other than* Patreon, Tiki?