Chainmaille Inlay (PSU logo)

Chainmaille 078.jpg (2 MB)

For MCS Theme Day on March 1st.

I made this myself for my dad since both my parents went to Penn State (where I’m going to graduate from this spring).

You can find some of my other chainmaille creations here:

It’s made out of a combination of bright and blue anodized 16 gauge aluminum rings with an inner diameter of 1/4″ woven in the European 4-1 pattern. It took me a little over 12 hours to weave, although I had to create the template on the computer first.

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    fracked again

    I salute your willingness to work all those rings. I’ve made some chain-mail earrings (king’s mail pattern, I think), but something of this scale would drive me nuts.

    fracked again

    Looked at your page. That is some cool shit. The tie kicks ass.


    We Are…


    Nice attention to detail. How about chainmail handcuffs?!


    Nice work hvymetal86!


    This is really cool hvymetal86. When did you start, and how did you get into it?


    If I move to a high-crime, knife-happy area, I’ll be commissioning you.

    Great work.


    Nice work. What are your plans after school?

    WE ARE


    we’ve partied together… true story


    haha its obie