My first chalk ad

Bakery Chalkboard.jpg (68 KB)

Boss told me to do it. I’m so proud of it.

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    post yer rack and we’ll tell you if this drawing is good.

    if you’re a guy, you’re totally gay.


    I’m going to steal the moustache man for my own chalk ad at the cafe I work at. People will compliment me and nobody will know that he came out of your head and not mine. My evil deed of the day.


    stealing ideas is such an awesomely pretentious thing to do. no, really.


    Your mom was an awesomely pretentious thing to do.


    srsly. no one has ever beaten the Maya. just give up now. I once tied her, but even then I had to trick her good.


    The border looks to plain. Sketching a chalk frame would bring out the ad.

    Luke Magnifico

    There are only 2 ways to bagel.

    Any mention of a 3rd is heresy.


    Aww this is cute

    Maxwell Edison

    When did bagel a verb?


    Oh dear god. Do you work at Einstein Bros Bagels? I do, unfortunately.

    And yes, they have decided “bagel” is a verb. The corporate number is 1-800-BAGELME. Boy oh boy do I love telling angry customers that one.


    Should’ve included the one that had the ninja drawn in.

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