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MCS Theme Day – Original content (not my fridge).
This is the painted portion of my Tyranids army for Warhammer 40k. I assembled, modified, painted and photographed these models myself.

The Carnifex (the really big bug) is assembled with glue and magnets, meaning that all of his parts are modular and swappable. I used rare earth magnets on his arms, head and carapace to allow him to be reconfigured between battles.

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    awww.. this didnt make theme day. that blows. this are good painting job; i wish this were moar higher res so i could appreciate it better. adding magnets is GOD-tier


    Awesome. I played as Tyranids before, when I was still in America.

    Didn’t really have a big army though, haha.


    What symbiont weapons do you have on the Termagants? Also, great paint job.


    Haha I know. Tyranids are supposed to have huge armies, but I didn’t have the time to make a big army.

    My friend and his dad are really into this stuff, so the games where usually just his Eldar hunting down my Tyranids.


    When I was first starting my army, I almost went with Nids. These guys look awesome.

    I am now much more partial to my idea of making a second defiler with parts from a Dreadnought and a Carnifex. And hell yeah magnets.


    That defiler sounds awesome.
    As for the ‘nids in question, I normally like colour schemes with dark shell plates and light colours like beige for the fleshy bits like with the almost standard Leviathan. However, this colour scheme is absolutely awesome! The green highlights really scream “I’M A BUG-MUTANT BITCH!” This is ‘Eavy Metal Team quality if ever I saw it.


    That sounds like one helluva plan. I always thought there had to be some scheme with a dark colour for the skin, but none of the ones I saw seemed to work, but then there is this. The grassy shells sounds like it could be awesome, if it works out, you definitely have to post a picture of it.

  • Here's a few awesome images!