Theme Day drawings

Inside_vs_Outside_Diptych_-_Graphite_on_Paper.JPG (406 KB)

Transitional_Drawing_-_Live_to_Inanimate_-_Graphite_and _Charcoal_on_Paper.JPG (221 KB)

Final_-_Free_Drawing_-_Grapite_and_Charcoal_on_Paper.JPG (263 KB)

Some random drawings I’ve done for various classes.

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    this is simply awesome

    zombie superheroes? sweet


    The site needs moar Ash.


    I’m loving the view of the comic world with you looking in.


    The first one has such a great nostalgic feeling, all the classic gems are there plus you twist it up a bit.

    The second one made me sing “Crab people, crab people, taste like crab, walk like people”. And yes, I know it’s a lobster, not a crab.

    The third one’s kinda eh but still bad-ass for it to be all pencil-only.


    I don’t know the exact issues or years but I can recognize some of them. Captain America, The Dark Knight Returns, Spider-Man’s first issue, Action Comic (Superman’s first) and behind it is Flash’s Golden Age issue, below that is Watchmen, below that is Flash’s first issue with the new costume, below Superman’s is Batman’s first.] And really tucked away in a corner is a TMNT one. Zombies (the ones I can make out): Captain America, Daredevil, Green Lantern, Nightwing, Richard Reeds (FF4), The Punisher The Flash, Wonder Woman, Robin, Batman, Superman, Cyclops Wolverine, The Thing and Spider-Man. Bruce Campbell doing… Read more »


    That first one is awesome. But zombie flash in the third would wreck your ass in a second.

    Great drawings.

    Alexis Rose

    Yes very good, love em


    Cool drawings, bra!


    Did you just try to use the term “bra” unironically?

  • Here's a few awesome images!