This is a jecking!

grand_theft_auto_halo_by_casemods.jpg (247 KB)

Little something I came up with while bored.

Been playing GTAIV recently and always loved halo.

This just made me laugh

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    I highly doubt that your Patrick Brown, casemods.

    Just stick to myspace pictures and photos of your computer.


    Ah ha! Busted!!!

    But of course his is maybe the 4th or 5th time you’ve been busted here.

    Adding your user name though…That crosses a line.


    Honestly, just get fucked.


    Here’s a easy tip from a struggling artist/designer:

    When stealing an original artwork/sketch, make sure you get rid of the original signature.


    right in front of the rear left wheel is a signature.

    or, you can simply google image the phrase “This is a Jecking” and find the artists name, then just google his name with the word “drawings” or “artist”.


    I stopped in here to “OMG, you do have some real talent, rather than being one of the biggest douchebags on the internet”.

    Bu then the facts came into play.

    Plagiarism isn’t cool.

    And casemods is THE biggest douchebag on the internet.

    teezy weezy

    Leaving the artists signature on + adding your own to pass it off as your own work = WIN.


    This is too low even for you, this goes beyond you being a fool and douche, this goes beyond your trolling and your troll persona. Each and every time you say another word, make another post I will call you on this till you apologise for plagiarism. The fact you actually ‘signed’ this and renamed the image, personally I would ban hammer you but I’m pretty sure you bring in more users for Tiki.

    teezy weezy

    True, you are just a dick.


    Can we get Tiki in on this?


    Probably not. Tiki doesn’t ever acknowledge this douche.


    Foolish child. You are only “sorry” purely because you got called out, not because you truly recognize the error of your ways. Had we all been duped by this and applauded heartily you would have basked in unearned glory while secretly being a liar and a fake.

    Someone who truly sees the error of their ways would have admitted it freely and not retrospectively. Can I trust that you would have admitted your guilt had we all been duped? No because you lack a spine, you are a failure as a human being, the oxygen you breathe is undeserved and you make me want to be a misanthropist.

    I sincerely hope that you do humanity a favor and avoid having children. I’d rather fornicate with corpses and eat babies than have to think that it is still legal to leave people such as yourself alive.


    Dude, this is Casemod. Aka A troll. He does this for exactly what you just said. In his mind you have just paid him for what he has done here. Don’t feed the trolls.

    However, as far as trolling goes, he did get a lot of pure hatred out of this thread. He probably uses it to power new levels of doucheness.


    I’m thinking about contacting Mr. Brown but I think Tiki would be made responsible.


    Trust me someone probably has.


    Weasel. I was actually, ACTUALLY going to give you a compliment you fucking fucked FUCKER! My hate for you burns like the sun, motherfucker. DIE! DIE! DIE!

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