Halo – Cortana




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    Cortana is TEH hawtness



    Cortana is definitely the cuteness. I’d love to have a girl like here running around in my head all day long…

    But here’s what I don’t understand. She’s a holograph right? So how exactly did she fall down? Can she actually trip and fall? And what would she trip over? The beam from a laser tripwire? Arrgh! my head is exploding…!


    There are three reasons (IMHO) why AIs in the Halo Universe fall down, or show things like cowboy hats, et cetera.

    1. They choose to show human emotions and actions to better relate to their human counterparts.
    2. A good number of AIs (especially Cortana) have a bit of rampancy, and do strange things because of it.
    3. Its a video game and they need to show actions of the AIs like sentient tangible organisms, capable of falling down, and getting back up again.


    I think you’re missing the point. Yes, HALO 3 was awesome, but Cortana clearly has boobs here. BOOBS.


    I think LordPartyTime has a point. All of your explanations about why a holographic AI needs to be able to fall are good and dandy, but seriously, is it all really necessary? She’s got boobs. Isn’t that sufficient?


    LordPartyTime and Phyreblade are spot on.

    An AI with a proper British accent and exposed breasts doesn’t really need to do much else.

    Maybe wiggle some.


    lordpartytime is right – shes got boobs, now i know he likes cortanas the best because i have played Halo with him and he freaks out everytime he sees here, always saying that he wishes she was naked and one of these days hes going to invent a true AI to look like her so he can have some fun


    So it is agreed.

    Holographic hottie + boobs + skin + jiggles = Massive player emotion and mucho empathy.

    No fake falls or dubious displays of distress required.



    You can get inside my helmet any day.

    Luke Magnifico


    Like, ow.

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