My Steampunk Works….

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I decided to share some of the Steampunk Stuff I have built. And a more Dieselpunk commission that I recently did… The Harley Quinn POP-Gun…

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I tried to think of something snarky to say, but that’s really good work. Congrats.


    OK, these are officially kool.

    Nice work(s).


    epically cool.


    Hawt. Are you looking to sell that Harley Quinn gun? It’s the prop I’ve been looking for.


    Okie dokie. I’ll hold on to your screen name. How much do you charge for the pop gun, if you don’t mind my asking?


    Considering the detail, that seems reasonable.


    I haven’t commented in over a year. Posts like this are why I come to MCS. That pop-gun is awesome.


    so im sitting here, thinking “thats a spiffy pop gun, i know somebody who would like it” so i jump on facebook and start to write him a message. now when i go back to grab the link i click the authors name instead of the post title. at this point its a silly mistake but i get to see the authors other submissions. scroll scroll….. wtf why is the guy whom im writing a letter pictured in these photos????? i see the guy im writing too about this popgun happens to be one of the few guys in our… Read more »


    That’s some really sweet gear. Nice work. The first pistol makes me think of a Steampunk version of Mal Reynold’s gun from Firefly.


    I saw a backpack like that at Kcon last year…

    fracked again

    Pretty cool.