Shooting at Americans

Shooting at Americans.png

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    What a privileged perspective, don’t fall into the sanctimonious false equivalence trap.


    You better applaud the overwhelmingly disadvantaged and coerced kids your government sends to kill innocent foreign nationals by the tens of thousands for the sake of its empire building (under god after all) or you ain’t a proper murican.

    That a decent summary?


    Yeah, that about sums it up. I hate this form of “if you disagree with my point of view you’re not a real American” bullshit. We’re allowed to disagree, it’s one of the amazing parts of our country.

    And I’m [i]pretty[/i] sure it’s illegal as hell for the military to take shots at lawfully abiding citizens who are exercising their First Amendment free speech right by protesting conditions they feel need improvement. So, that’s not going to happen insane announcer guy.

    tiki god

    one major point I’d like to make, the US military does not take ANY actions on US soil. major no no.

    I’m sure they’d like the cops or local neighbors to do the shooting.

    Old Tofu

    the crowds went crazy when hitler spoke too


    Pretty sure McKenzie Alabama isn’t a nation defining extrapolation point.


    Bring it. Oh, wait. One of those freedoms you claim they defended was FREEDOM OF SPEECH.