sketchy kitchen

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    So is this a didn’t measure the cabinets properly disaster or a really bad at plumbing disaster?

    I would not buy a house without this being corrected. I would not have paid this contractor until they fixed this. I would never have done something this terrible myself.

    That rubber floor base install isn’t so great either around that sink.

    tiki god

    it actually looks purpose built so you would have access to both sides of the sink for some reason.


    My guess would be that’s the only way the dishwasher would fit in.


    Maybe. Probably would have been better to go for a custom size cabinet though. I know it would be more expensive but at least you don’t end up with this strange peninsula sink.


    I think that’s a mat…


    Are you referring to my comment about the rubber floor base? If so I’m not referring to the mat in front of the sink. I’m talking about the rubber floor base. Look at the outer corner and where it meets back up with the rest of the cabinet on the right. It’s bunched up at the corner and where it reconnects it looks like it’s pushed in slightly.

    Maybe “rubber floor base” is a regional term? Here’s what I’m talking about.


    Would need Slenderman arms to open that window


    My mother was a draftsman, and architect, and an interior decorator. This kitchen would have really pissed her off.