Conservatives are stupid

Conservatives are stupid


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    Special Kail


    to state how full of win this is… hehehehe


    They forgot about him being the antichrist.

    Special Kail

    this also reminds of “THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!”

    Catherine Longfellow

    I’m still waiting for them to figure out that a Bulldog is not the same thing as a Pittbull.


    His middle name is HUSSEIN!!!!!!!!1

    Catherine Longfellow

    And my middle name is Persephone. Does that make me the wife of Hades? In GOP logic, yes.


    I’m sorry, I take offense at this, and we can’t have somebody unhappy on the internet.

    These people arn’t conservative. Perhaps they are on their brain usage, but still.


    HAHA! You’re right. They’re not conservative. They are average Joes. Real Americans. Dumbasses who can be led around by the nose and convinced by fearmongering that the GOP will make everything better.


    Annarchy: How about “Dumbasses who can be led around by the nose by a charismatic candidate who promises change but is still just another politician…a dangerously inexperienced politician who wants to take more of the money that I bust my ass for and give it to people who are content to live off government handouts”?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Because that’s a different variety of dumbass. There’s a difference between making your choice based of something that is uncertain (most Obama supporters) and making a choice based on something that is completely, provably, factually incorrect (the subject of this pic).


    Apparently you people have never seen a political cartoon.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The real joke here is this is exactly what coastal America thinks of the rest of their country and they’re wrong.

    And every time the joke is on them.


    : you’ve got your facts wrong. Unless you make over $200,000 a year. Then, by all means, vote Republican. And, think about it, how would you go about making more money besides raising taxes?

    : exactly.


    You make anything close to even $150K a year? That’s great for you, really. I hope to make a six figure income at some point in the future, once I build a clientele. Until then, I’ll just have to slave away at retail to pay the bills while developing my own business base, getting massage clients where I can and putting in about 50 hours a week for under $15K a year and getting all of my taxes back BECAUSE I HAVE NEXT TO NOTHING TO LIVE OFF OF.

    I would love to make the kind of money it takes to get in Obama’s higher tax bracket. Let me make $150-250K a year, or even more. I’ll pay Reagan era taxes on it, shit, I’ll just give the gov’t. an even 40% and thank it for letting me work in the greatest country in the world.


    Annarchy: How about spending less? In order to have more money, you don’t necessarily need to bring in more money. You just have to spend less of it. And exactly what facts does he/she have wrong? The inexperience part or the income redistribution part?


    Actually, even here in Portland, one of the most liberal big cities in the US (and on the coast), people say stupid shit like this. The other day I was in a coffee shop and I overheard a couple complaining about Obama being a Muslim. It was sad.

    Damn, I haven’t had a drink in something like eine Stunde. To the fridge!


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Has it been that long?


    : It’s too late to spend less. The economy’s in the shitter and there’s an astronomical deficit because the “conservatives” have been spending our tax money like there’s no tomorrow. Hopefully, for them, there is no tomorrow.
    The ‘democrats are going to take my hard-earned money’ part is wrong. Unless you’re making more than $250,000 a year, Obama’s tax plan will cost you LESS.


    twosticks: I’m in the same boat and you’re exactly right!

    monkeybird02: If you mean spending less… do you mean removing funding from educational programs and health care programs? And what happens when these corporations give their employees pay cuts? Right now there are so few jobs in the US we can’t afford to take them away from people. Spending less is only part of the fix, removing unneeded programs, and reducing the money we spend on the wars we’re fighting in earnest would reduce the debt but only to a point, there still needs to be more money coming in, and I’m with Das on this one… if I was making 250,000 a year.. I wouldn’t have a problem with giving 3,500 of it to the government to pay for the things that keep this county afloat. Hell I would do it right now, and I make 18K a year!


    Oh yes, evil coastal Magnus and diabeetus prove these stereotypes all the time.

    Partisan politics will destroy America one day.


    KyrusRose: Hubby and I don’t hit the $250,000 mark but my sis (living in Westchester county in NY)and her husband do. Neither of us have a problem paying taxes for the things we want. In Westchester her property tax is almost what my mortgage is. It’s very high. In return she gets a public school system that regularly has it students getting into ivy league schools. Here in WV, you have to pay for private school to do the same. You’re paying, one way or the other, your putting your money out for the things you want.


    Puulaahi: Somewhere in there I was agreeing w/ you.


    nyokki: We are like minded nyokki.


    Annarchy: If you think that Obama’s tax plan isn’t going to effect employees of small to medium size businesses then you’re the one who has their facts wrong. Everybody who thinks the government needs more money is an idiot, how about they manage what they’re brining in now? If they were a business they’d need a bailout from themselves.

    twosticks: Nope, not close to $150K. My military retirement check almost covers my mortgage and my full-time job and a part time job pay the bills and put food on the table for my family. I’m sure I’ll qualify for free government money and I’m not stupid enough to not take it. I’ll just increase my charitable giving to make myself feel better about it. But I hate people who are content to rely on the government for survival and think that people who have worked hard to get what they have (or even if they inherited money from ancestors who earned it) owe them anything.


    nyokki: If the gas prices keep going down (%1.92 just today) and my food prices go down again, I could be looking at my first raise in 2 years. Even then, between me and my husband its going to be under 19K a year, but still, I’m willing right this second to pay higher taxes.. Its everyone’s problem, we ALL need to fix it. Its so sad to know that there are people out there with 4 houses who are unwilling to give a few thousand dollars.. less then it costs to throw a party, to save the country that gave them the opportunity to have 4 houses. My mother has been working her whole life, making almost nothing, and lost 3 jobs to outsourcing. Outsourcing that makes those guys with 4 houses even richer. People like her rely on the “kindness” of the rich, she gets only what shes given, what cooperation owners give…. and take away.. and they have over and over again. Its about time they paid back what’s owed.


    Gas down to $2.35 here. Woohoo, I can keep my truck(s). ;)p


    Gas prices came down just before the election. Such a scam.


    : As the election’s done at this point (YEAH!), I think we should agree to disagree on this issue. I do need to say that since the GOP has been so busy these last 8 years hemorrhaging money in foreign countries, maybe some government programs need to be cut. Like tax cuts to the biggest corporations. That would generate some quick cash, don’t you think? I get that you are convinced handouts are bad and that small businesses will suffer, but President Obama will prove you wrong.


    Annarchy: “President Obabma will prove you wrong” I just threw up in my mouth. He’s a politician, I shouldn’t have to say anything else.

    I guess my biggest problem is that I’m part of the middle class. I get screwed by whatever party is in power.


    DasMaus: What a lazy cop-out. At the very best that kind of attitude is a self-fulfilling prophesy. At worst it’s the grown up version of growing a mohawk, getting an anarchy tattoo and listening to blink-182.


    Oh, Caio, you are funny.

    And, DasMaus, yes, by all means, give up and be miserable. And you are more than welcome to reap the rewards of the all the people who are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of all of us. “Ask not what your country can do for you…”


    Caio & Annarchy: cop-out? give up and be miserable? Where the fuck did you get that from?? And as for “what your country can do for you…” I spent 20 years sacrificing for my country – I sacrificed, my family sacrificed and my friends and their familys sacrificed, suffered and in far too many instances died. I did it in part because I beleive this is still is the greatest country in the world and that we all have a duty to serve in some way. Fuck off and go give your JFK speech to somebody who doesn’t have nightmares about the cost of “what you can do for your country.”


    Do you not remember the Clinton years??? Geez, were you poor and miserable and such a fucking defeatist then too? Democratic presidents are historically good for the economy. I am sorry that you went through what you did, and I thank you for your sacrifice. But, really, a new, and much better day is dawning in this country.


    Annarchy: I’m glad to see that you’re so optimistic but for fuck’s sake, put down the kool-aid before you OD.

    Ah yeah I remember the Clinton years, along with the Bush Sr years, the Reagan years, and the Carter years. I’ve been around long enough to acknowledge the truth in the situation. I’m not a defeatist, I’m a realist. No matter which party is in control (although this is the first time a single party has controlled all 3 branches of the government) a part of the population is happy, part is unhappy and part doesn’t give a shit. If you had said that a better day is dawning for some in this country I’d agree with you. It’s all a matter of your perspective – I’m a white, heterosexual, anti-socialistic, conservative, pro-life, gun owning male so I respectfully disagree with your better day dawning viewpoint.

    And thanks for your comment about my service & sacrifice.


    : Like I said, we will have to agree to disagree on this point. I certainly don’t think one man, or even one party, can fix every single problem in this country, nevermind the whole world, but I am inspired by the president elect to do as much as I can. That being said, your viewpoint needs to still be heard. I don’t disagree with you about everything, and I’m willing to bet that most MCS members can see eye to eye on a lot of things. Yeah, the Kool-aid is potent. LOL.


    Annarchy: LOL at the potent kool-aid.

    I think most Americans can see eye to eye on a lot of things if they’ll take the effort to turn off the emotional attachment to their personal hot-topic issues. It’s the ones that have more emotions than intelligence that cause conflict.

    Agreeing to respectfully disagree on some things – well, respectfully for internet arguments anyway 😉

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