Bush Joker

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    dont you mean “why so fascist?”


    Lol, he’s the bad guy because he’s not black and it’s socially acceptable to not like him! Wouldn’t matter if Obama was *actually* a fascist, and a president who literally exacerbated the problems Dubya started… you’re not allowed to say a word against him or else you’re “racist”. God you Americans are such free thinkers and so ahead of everyone else philosophically and intellectually. God bless America.


    my country can beat up your country


    No, he’s the bad guy who started a war over oil, lied to the people about the reasons for said war, and raped our civil rights in the name of “protecting us” from terrorists.

    fracked again

    Obama has been an incredible disappointment on civil rights issues, foreign policy, health care and the economy. Anywhere else in the world and he would be considered a right winger.

    Protip, When people actually criticize Obama instead of being racist fucks, they won’t be called racists.


    Bush was no saint, and he did allot of shit that allot of us conservatives aren’t happy with. On the other hand, Obama has broken EVERY campaign promise he made from bringing home the troops, to ot having anyone who makes under 250k pay any new taxes. Obama has ran up the debt with the plan of spending our way out of debt by giving away money to every pork project imagineable with no oversite. Pelosi and Reed are trying to get abortions paid for with tax payer money in the health care plan and get amnesty for illegals. Given… Read more »


    Oh really? Every campaign promise? I’m sure you have a list prepared and citations to back it up. He spent money on projects intended to create jobs. Even if special interests tore apart the intent, it’s a fair sight better than just cutting a check to the executives that created this mess in the first place and telling them to sort it out. Let’s see, who was it who did that? Oh, yeah…Bush. Not saying Obama didn’t lie about anything. He’s a politician, of course he lied. But he’s doing a better job than that loose-cannon coke-head idiot daddy’s boy… Read more »

    fracked again

    Mmmm, nice fumes coming off that bullshit you got there. Abortion won’t be paid for with tax dollars (but it should be). The current gift to insurance companies that will probably pass Congress would let providers who have plans that cover abortions be part of the exchange. Thats it.



    68 promises kept so far. Another 184 in the works. Only 8 broken, and they’re all fully capable of being revisted later.

    But go ahead and believe your outright lies if it makes you feel any better. Why should the kids be the only ones believing in fairy tales this time of year.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Pelosi and Reed are trying to get abortions paid for with tax payer money in the health care plan and get amnesty for illegals.”
    You say that like those are bad things 🙂 A lot of us are totally in favor of government funded abortions and amnesty for immigrants.




    A lot of us are totally in favor of government funded abortions for immigrants.


    Has there ever been anybody on the internet that actually knows exactly what “fascist” means?

    Yup but they’re the ones smart enough to not use it.

    I bet the loser who made that is past 30 and lives in a Starbucks on his parents credit card.

    George Bush may not have been a good president (I can’t be sure through all the leftist BS prop that’s caked on every single piece of media) but the real cost has been the fukwit crybaby assholes who even now can’t shut the fuck up.


    Is that you? Yes, yes it is! Welcome back.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Tis me!

    I check in every now and then.

    I guess this trend of stupid, almost half way informed political bullshittery unfortunately continues. 🙁

    Oh and look who posted it! Let’s all rally behind mr GED!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    They hand out “degrees” for getting half way through college? lol Hang that catskin in your parents basement and look toward your bright future as an assistant manager at Baby Gap! You post bullshit nonsense because you’re a fucking retard and that’s it. For the record you’re a joke of a human being and the more you fight that the funnier your life becomes. So I’ll rephrase: let’s all rally behind the guy who is half way through community college. You all must be right if you agree with him! No wonder you’re all blindly sucking off president Ofirmative Action… Read more »


    What gets me is how everyone is buying into the Faux News propoganda. They’re so bad even the Nazis would go “Hey man…that’s just not right.”…only in German. It’s hilarious that Bush assraped this country for 8 years, and let’s not mix words here…he did just that, and everyone expected Barack Obama to turn shit around in less than a year. Are you kidding me? Obama has already set the timeline to withdraw from Iraq. He’s focusing on the one area we should’ve been focusing on the entire time. Afghanistan! Because of Bush’s warmongering we got involved in another war… Read more »


    What happened to “I’m going to bring home the troops?”. He ust authorized more going in. Where is “Transparency in Government?”. Instead he is giving tax payer money to Acorn who is involved in protitution scandals. Now that the rest of the world has seen what a pussy obama is, they are all flexing their muscles and trying us. Hell, 911 wouldn’t have happened if Clinton wouldn’t have been preoccupied with getting ass in the oval office and dealing with Bin Laden when we had him on a platter in the nineties. Atleast when Bush was in office, the rest… Read more »


    Oh good lord, now I know you’re too stupid to argue with. 9/11 is the liberals’ fault? Where the fuck do you work that bullshit out? I mean, seriously, do you think about what you say or just spew out everything Fox News feeds you? Protip: It’s been the RIGHT WING that’s caused the most antagonism toward the terrorist groups… ( On the Acorn thing, I think it’s being a tad unfair to attack them for donating to an organization BEFORE they found out the organization was corrupt… Although, I do bet you anything that if the liberals used such… Read more »


    I have news for you, the world didn’t respect us under Bush, in fact it was quite the contrary. We were the punchline of every fucking joke, and because of his actions we still are. The world respected us? Only to people like you who see the world as a glorified strategy game where any leader who doesn’t flash his cock 24/7 is seemingly inviting global gang rape. International diplomacy doesn’t entirely consist of flexing muscles. North Korea has always been nuts, regardless of president or party in America. It’s one of those little constants… There will always be religion,… Read more »

    fracked again

    Perhaps you should review what Clinton was doing while getting blown… Or should I rephrase that as who and what Clinton was trying to attack when the GOP was shouting, “No war for Monica!” at every camera that they could find.



    I just think the “y so srs” Joker makeup is overplayed, no matter WHO they Photoshop it onto.


    This. Someone should put Joker makeup on someone that really deserves it instead of pushing stupid political insults.

    Manson would look good with Joker makeup wouldn’t he?


    Challenge Accepted!

    Note that I am a terrible photoshopper.



    Finally, a political cartoon that we can all agree with.