Religion Motivational Poster



For people who need to make up imaginary friends to try and fit in.

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    You’ll burn in a sea of holy fire for posting that.


    You have issues, serious issues.


    You go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company- mark twain

    Tyler Durden

    Damn. What’s the deal with everyone bashing religion? Who the fuck really cares what one person believes or not? I don’t go around saying, “Atheism: For people who are dull and need to offend people to stand out, seem interesting and feed their ego.” I don’t ridicule someone who doesn’t worship, so why should the reverse be true? Maybe there is something up there, maybe there isn’t, or maybe who the fuck cares, because it’s all inevitable anyway. You either die and nothing happens or it does. For people who don’t believe in eternal life, I would think they could find something better to do with their precious few 75 years or so of existence in this universe than bash people’s beliefs online.


    My imaginary friend says “What’s religion?”

    tiki god

    Tyler, I think you’re missing the point entirely. ‘Religion’ as it is right now is how people act while they’re here on earth. It’s how they feel their god wants them to act, how to treat others, and what to do with their lives.

    Generally that’s what’s so easy to pick on. Also, grown adults with invisible friends are hilarious.


    Some irony in “Tyler Durden” missing the point. Ahh beautiful Fight Club.


    Ok, the person who runs and owns this site likes to religion bash, so other people who find this funny can come here and join in on the fun, the rest of you troglodytes who are offended by this need to NOT CLICK ON THE FUCKING PICTURE IF YOU FIND IT OFFENSIVE.

    I’m not trying to yell, just trying to emphasis an important point. this is a privately run operation, it’s owner can offend whomever he wants, and the rest of you should shut the fuck up about it.

    If this was my site I’d fucking ban every one of you whiners.

    tiki god

    no no no jeros, it’s fun to point and laugh at the idiots. Where else would we get our kicks?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I for one would like to see other religions bashed as well.

    Making fun of Christians is like throwing a rock at a guy with no arms. Ya it’s fun to watch them squirm and try to defend their stupidity but the real reactions, the funny ones where people actually shed tears, are the other belief systems.

    I once referred to Judaism as a cult in a presentation by accident and it was like somebody zapped every Jewish person in the room in the ass with an electric cattle prod.

    Also, can we make fun of gay people and retards some more too? They tend to go batshit pretty nicely too.

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