NSFW – Typical Mac User

Mac Users are NSFW :

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    Roast Loin?


    The built-in webcam makes it that much better.


    Right now he’s probably blogging about how awesome Macs are. And burying any article on Digg pertaining to Windows.


    Holy crap I look NOTHING like that!

    I wax my chest. 😛

    Alec Dalek

    Oh I get it! The elitist faggot in the picture is naked because he pissed away all his money on his mac.

    Alec Dalek

    The gay ass cigar, also.


    Wow Alec, so much hate today. Did an American Mac user piss in your coffee this morning? I can’t apologize for all American Mac folk, but I can promise you I’d never spoil a good cuppa joe that way…..


    Typical mac user or as we like to call em; Elitist fags.

    Alec Dalek

    This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, just venting: I’m just sick and tired of hearing about Apple. They’re like the special kid that is going to die soon, so everyone has such nice things to say about them. I’m sick of Apple releasing “revolutionary” products that are just rip-offs of other companies products (the mac was ripped off from Xerox, and the iPod from Creative). I’m sick of elitist faggots sucking steve jobs dick dry and washing it down with his cool-aid. Is there anyone, ANYONE, out there that own’s just a mac, only uses it as a mac,… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    Oh, and just so you know, personally, I use Windows and AIX, for no other reason than I make good money supporting them. If I had the money, I’d have one of everything. Such as it is, I have specialized.


    Ok – so I consider myself fairly warned that anything i say can and most assuredly will be used against me. However, I can’t just let that go unanswered. I live in both the Mac and PC worlds and I have to say I far prefer the Mac world for several reasons, but the largest currently is Microsoft thinking they can alter the settings of my computer without asking me. Specifically, although I have gone into the control panel settings on several occasions and told Windows Updater to download updates but give me the option to install them, or more… Read more »


    Don’t be a fanboy and talk about noob problems. Get a cracked version of Windows.


    Well – I would tell you it’s fangirl and boob problems, but what would be the point… 😛

    Alec Dalek

    Why is it Mac fanboys/fangirls will say things like “I have a Mac and a PC and I like the Mac better”, and then go on for several paragraphs trying to prove to us that they like Macs better? Huh? And do they think that that simple concept, that they’ve tried both and like one better, makes that one the better one, universally? The best computer in the world for you is the one you like best. But it doesn’t make it best for everyone else. To someone else, your favourite thing may be the worst thing in the world!… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    Your ideas intrigue me. How might I sign up for your newsletter?

    I though cracked versions of anything usually have more problems than the legit version (unless we’re talking about Sony).


    Brigantyna: That PC restarting on you is a real bitch of a problem.

    I’ve been fixing computers for ages now, and I can’t say that I’ve ever come across that propblem, or know anyone who has. Maybe the next time you change the settings to you should click “Apply” or “OK” instead of X-ing the window


    maxcw – thanks for that brilliant insight – I will now borrow from Alec’s line of thought and adjust it to my own uses if I may. Just because you’ve never run across it doesn’t mean you can universally state that it doesn’t happen. And yes, I am well acquainted with the apply button as opposed to x-ing out the window.

    Alec – I apologize for fueling your rage. Your points are well noted and thank you for not clubbing me.


    Looks like 33% of the posts are from “Win/Aix” fanboys. Get the fuck over it Alec.


    i have a cracked version of xp and i have yet to have problems with it. in fact it actually does everything i ask it too even after microsoft knows my version is a cracked one.

    Alec Dalek

    Can there really be such a thing as an AIX fanboy? AIX is like they took unix, and made it even more complicated. Even the company that makes it is trying to move people from AIX to either Windows or Red Hat.


    he would only be typical if he had more goatee and never left starbucks