future single mom

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    Conservative troll to racist bull – MCS has certainly gone downhill.


    You haven’t been here very long have you? If you have then you should know by now that the site owner/operator is a devout atheist who voted for barack obama. You know why this site is great? Because our lord and web-savior TikiGod isn’t a biased dick who censors his users posts and comments in accordance to is Religious/political views. For every piece of pro-whatever media (religion, politics, sociological issues) you will find at least one post that states an opposing viewpoint. Grow a goddamned set of balls and realise that not everybody is an atheist or christian or a… Read more »


    Also why do you automatically assume that it is racist? Because it is a white woman surrounded by three black guys ( and lets be fair they are more brown than they are black) and a man of indescript origin? Seriously the dude on the left could be either arab or south american in heritage, he could even be armenian. I Assumed the single mom joke had more to do with the fact that it was one woman surrounded by four guys. Being a man myself i know how desperate your average 20 something is for sex with a remotely… Read more »



    it’s intended to be racist and you know it.


    Prove it.


    Or y’know just say “NO YOU ARE WRONG!” without even bothering to substantiate your assertion and use the thumbs down feature and run away like a 13 year old on a Naruto message board like the seven other pussies who think that a voting form is a proper substitute for a intellectual rebuttal for someone like me who clearly has no grasp of the english language or cultural tolerance.


    He has censored me- several times.


    I reserve the right to call a spade a spade. Intellectual diversity is about exchange of ideas, not about putting up with mindless crap. He said it, I disagreed with it. If you can’t handle intellectual (or lack thereof) diversity then go form your own nation/state that censors and tailors all of its’ media to your personal views.



    unless you enjoy it then



    on her

    Goddamn it i love you magnus.


    Only sluts go for black guys.

    She no longer tight enough for me, and never will be.

    I ain’t even mad.

    Plus, she’s not very attractive to begin with.

    Hard to say from this picture, but they don’t seem to be “niggers” from the look of it.

    So any implied racism is out of pure hate or insecurity.


    Now that just has to be a casemods comment.

    And lotus, methinks thou dost protest a bit lengthily.


    Since when have i ever protested in a short and coherent fashion?

    Luke Magnifico

    All anonymous comments are casemods comments.




    “She no longer tight enough for me. I ain’t even mad.”

    lulz were had


    id still hit it 😀


    Enjoy your aids


    The guy on the left obviously has family values. Just look at his swim trunks.

    lemon floor wax

    Totally off topic: Lotus, is that a conure in your avatar?


    Don’t know, i am not an ornithologist. I chose it because i often imagine that we are all angry parrots yelling at eachother, merely espousing rhetoric and philosophy that we hear other people blabbing. Plus some atheist douchebag ( that’s not to say all atheists are douchebags, most of the ones i know IRL are tough and doesn’t afraid of anything) once accused me of parroting some religious douchebag and would always use the ” you are parroting” tactic against me, so i figured i would adopt a parrot as my avatar.

    lemon floor wax

    Ah, I see. I ask because it looks like one of my pet parrots who is a conure. She makes a tremendous amount of noise. Interesting philosophy. There’s really nothing wrong with someone making noise; how you take it is up to you.
    You would probably be more popular if you posted sixteen nearly identical images of yourself and proclaimed your sexual prowess while eschewing any woman over 100 pounds. But that info is only good if you want to make friends.


    The tagline isn’t finished: …”of quadruplets.”


    More like “of 3 kids of 2 different guys”


    What a freaking whore.


    Bow chicka wow wow