Homosexuality Prevents Abortions


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    what do they cause????

    David McInnis

    I am not a homosexual. I am a heterosexual male that has gone through the mental pain of an abortion. I can never know what it was like for my girlfriend. I was in the room, I held her hand and I watched the screen. It was painful for me because that might have been my child. But I knew it was medically necessary. She (my girlfiend), was prescibed so many medications (heart medicine, high blood pressure, diabetes medications) that the baby would not live, or SHE wouldn’t. We were told that either having the baby would most likely kill… Read more »

    David McInnis

    I DID apparently miss the point of this. I made one point while missing the main one entirely. There certainly can be no conception, let alone the possible need for abortions, via homosexual sex. That bumper sticker makes a definite point! But it pits two Republican values against each other. and That IS the point! They don’t want any freakin’ homos and the don’t want any abortions. So what is it, Adolf…I mean, George? Can you get your shit together and figure out what you want? I had hoped that the age of intolerance, whether it be sexual, religious, or… Read more »

    Dan Wun

    And you could marry the man of your choice, too David.

    Amanda Panda

    Congratulations on ruining the fucking joke David. You suck!

    Jonathan Nolan