Zhang Ziyi hanging out with Adriana Lima

ziyi-maybelline-hq01.jpg (272 KB)

ziyi-maybelline-hq11.jpg (513 KB)

zz-adriana-lima-hq2.jpg (434 KB)

zz-adriana-lima-hq3a.jpg (542 KB)

zz-adriana-lima-hq4.jpg (480 KB)

I would watch this porno.

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    Definitely makes me want to pop “Crouching Tiger…” into the ol’ DVD player…


    Yeah me to. If i remember there’s a scene where she gets fingerbanged? They both look amazing. But now I’m confused. I must choose between flexible asian girl that was posted earlier or gorgeous Zhang who looks super cute in pink. The pressure!

    Nemo Intermundorum

    Who says you have to choose, Messatsunokami. Why not have both. I mean, it’s your imagination… or are you trying to keep it in the realistic fiction genre?