Procrastination Flowchart

Procrastination Flowchart.jpg (182 KB)

Found Here:

A site whose admin also seems to have a great affinity for beer… Hmmm… You moonlighting on us Tiki?

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    while i do respect the laid back, get-to-it-when-i get-to-it kind of procrastination, i’ve always been a member of the “using more effort to avoid the task at hand than it would take to actually do it” school. This generally involves the fabrication of documents to back up excuses, twisting the truth about the nature of the assignment “as it was communicated to me,” and/or the creation of decoy documents or products that were handed in “by mistake” (thus stalling the deadline until the “error” is discovered) My favorite example of pointless work avoidance: I turned in two pages of a… Read more »


    To be honest, my entire post-middle-school academic career has just been one long strand of procrastination. To even try to pick out one isolated incident would be like picking a needle out of a needlestack. It’s the massiveness and momentum of it all that’s so inspiring!

    Basically, whenever someone tells me how they’re such a “huge” procrastinator, or that they’re in such “deep trouble” for procrastinating “so much”, I have the wonderful delight of knowing that my situation is three times worse. Hurrah!


    Meh, huge procrastinator here. I am constantly starting papers only hours before deadline and still making the cut. In college to boot, making A’s still. Either my college is stupid or I’m a fucking genius at writing papers.


    … This is awesome. I may have to wallpaper it.


    I’ll look at the image later…


    too many words, ill read this later




    and we have a winner


    “I’ll look at the image later…”

    “too many words, ill read this later”


    Actually, a proactive procrastinator would gladly take the time to read this whole thing because it’s completely unproductive.

    I suppose there are inactive procrastinators, who do nothing all day, and proactive procrastinators (like me) who take the initiative to do things that are counterproductive.

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