Brewery launches Tactical Nuclear Penguin, ‘world’s strongest’ beer

brewdog-tactical-nuclear-penguin-1024x777.jpg (143 KB)

Its maker, BrewDog brewers of Fraserburgh described the 32 per cent proof tipple as its “most audacious and ambitious project to date”.

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    dude that’s twice..
    repoasted topic, if not image


    32% proof? Which is it? That’s like saying the bottle weighs 14 ounce pounds.


    its just 32% alcohol and they have stronger stuff now called sink the Bismarck! its 41%


    now THAT is new news!
    What style of beer is it?


    I have a bottle of this. It is a gift for a friend’s 21st birthday. Now I’ll have to look into the Bismark.

    War Horse

    The same company also released Sink the Bismark a beer at 41% ABV. Seems they have a little bit of a war going on with a German brewer for the highest ABV crown.


    32%? That’s very high for beer. I doubt I would like it. Years ago I tried a Sam Adams Triple Bock; it tasted like cognac. I didn’t like it all. The bottle was cool though.


    I’m wondering if they really fermented it up to 32%. That is well past the point where most yeast would die. I wonder if there’s some distillation or just adding purified alcohol to the mix.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    They freeze distill it. To me that disqualifies it from being beer.


    That’s how ice beers are made (i.e. Bud Ice, Natural Ice, Mickey’s Ice, etc…). The temperature is dropped until ice crystals form, thereby removing some of the water from the beer, The beer is then separated from the ice, thus bringing up the concentration of alcohol.


    that was meant for reboot

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